Ebay - my best vintage find!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hello dearys - Today I bring you a post as you gather, about ebay vintage finds.
Can I just say ebay is like HEAVEN online!! When you want to buy some vintage goods ebay is definitiely one of the best places to turn to as people often forget about their old clothes left in attics or unattended closets and many years later end up selling their unwanted things. (I've also seen charity shops on ebay trying to raise money for many different causes, which is fantastic).
Ebay lets us appreciate the fact that we don't have to dedicate a whole day out shopping in charity shops or vintage stores - yes we have to pay delivery but just think about what we would have to pay for travelling & eating whilst shopping that day.
Below are some pictures of my fav pair of jeans bought from ebay. This pair was actually bought as part of a job lot that included some Levi Strauss and Henri Lloyd jeans all for about £9.70 inc p&p. 
Seriously I was so delighted - back then I was re-vamping denim and did not intend on keeping these but they fit was so perfect! 

The next ck advert no? I kid

Boyfriend Jeans 
What do you think?

Fancy bagging yourself some vintage ebay beauts? Get searching... I've seen some 99p listings for levis jeans!


  1. great find. do you know what seller you got your jeans from if you dont mind me asking

    1. This was two years ago, I've got some Levi ones for around this price too.. Just search! x

  2. These jeans are wicked



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