Canaan - Mud Mask Review

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello readers! 
On the blog I bring you the lovely Canaan mud mask.
 I've had this product for a while but have not reviewed it because I felt like I needed to give it some time. 
Today I felt like my face needed uplifting - something a little more than makeup, so before popping into the shower.. I used the Canaan applicator to apply the product all over my face, I then left the mask on for about 3 minutes and quickly washed it off. 
Once I had washed the mask off my face I was so shocked at how soft the product had left my skin - (yes I have used this product before but I do not remember my skin being this soft). 
Soft a great word to describe how my skin felt but moisturised too, I didn't even need to moisturise my skin after because it was so smooth. 
ANYWAY, I said to myself I'd have to make this a part of a weekend routine - wash away all those weekday stresses and all. 

Can I just say this product is produced in Israel - hence the 'dead sea' text on the front of the package. The first ingredient mentioned is 'dead sea natural black mud' how cool?

Bought for £4.99 for a 50ml retails online for about £18.00 

'Dead Sea mineral mud is renowned over the world as a natural agent that revives the skin renewal, encourages its moisturising capabilities and renews its overall feel and appearance.'

'As you wash away the mud, your face will awaken to a new dawn of velvety softness.' 

How lovely, they included an applicator and little booklet with other products in and the description. 

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