October Ebay Favourites

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hello lovelies - a quick post on some ebay finds I've set about finding ya'll...
Read below for all details...ciao

Bracelet & Necklace set - 0.99p each or £1.99 for the set, can be bought here
Jeffrey Campbell coltrane dupes - £29.99 can be bought here
Rimmel London lights out (black lipstick), - £2.50 can be bought here
Feline Meow t-shirt - £6.49 can be bought here
Givenchy dupe antigona set - £18.96 can be bought here

I have purchased the rimmel lipstick by the way - love it so far!
Will be purchasing the bracelet and necklace set! £1.99? what an amazing deal!

Will you be purchasing anything from my ebay finds? Let me know :)

Honey Brown

Monday, 28 October 2013

So yesterday I uploaded the picture below on instagram and was overwhelmed by the lovely comments from friends and followers. Some people wanted to know what products I used etc so I'll list them below for any of you that are interested. 

Concealer - ELF in (spice)
I mixed Maybelline dream satin liquid (#060 caramel) and L'oreal's True match foundation.
To set my makeup and give it that matte finish I used Rimmel London's stay matte long lasting pressed powder (#006 Warm Beige)
To contour I used Sleeks face form contouring and blush palette in (#374 medium)

Mascara - I used Rimmel London's retro glam scandal eyes. I'm so happy I've given this a shot as I have always used Maybelline mascaras ever since secondary school (I hate change).
I also used MesmerEyez contacts in Honey Brown.
Used Barry M jumbo eyeshadow pencil for eye corners 

My favourite pencil I've been using for about 6 years is Rimmels Professional eyebrow pencil in (#004 dark brown)
I can never get away with having really dark eyebrows I simply look like a drag queen (no offence to those out there).
I also used Sleeks Brow kit in (#817 light) 
If you don't already have this kit - INVEST!! It comes with a block of brow powder, brow wax, mini tweezers and brushes to apply the blocks.

Kiko smart lipstick in (#923) Read my review on this here
Also used a darker lip liner to make lips pop. 

I used Premium Now Hair extensions made into clips ins in colour (#4/27STK)
I've had these for about 7 months now no problems at all.

Also the camera I used for these pictures is my SONY NEX-5 digital SLR. 

SOOOO Much info I know haha hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Mini Fashion & Beauty Haul

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hi guys - 
A really quick post today on my mini haul pictured below. 
I've been wanting to try a new shampoo & conditioner for a while now so thought I'd give the Garnier Fructis a go since I haven't used these products in years! 
The dove soap is my absolute fave - I no longer use shower gel because of this product! If you haven't tried it already you need to, it has shea butter in and smells lovely. 

On the left is a midi skirt from internacionale (love the design) and some junk jewellery from there too! 
Skirt - £14.99
Bracelet - £2.99
Earrings - 3.99
Shampoo & Conditioner - £1 each
Dove soap - £1

Nail varnish - free polish in Novembers company mag

October You Beauty Discovery Box - Handbag Heroes

Saturday, 19 October 2013

I've really wanted to get back into beauty box subscriptions, but could not justify paying nearly £13.00 each month for products I'd probably use once and throw away. 
Having done some research I found the YOU Beauty Discovery Box at only £6.95 including p&p.
YBD gives you the choice of about 8 products to choose from (not a lot I know) - a healthy snack, an accessory, and a magazine. 
I did not receive the magazine for some strange reason, I'm hoping this is down to low stock or something (no biggie). 
Anyway the products I chose were:
Tangle Teezer - compact styler RRP £12.25
Crabtree & Evelyn - gardeners hand therapy 25g (Limited Edition) RRP £5.00

The Tangle Teezer is something I've actually had  my eyes on for a whole year, but never got round to ordering it... so when I saw the brush as an option for this particular box I was just like YUP I have to get it. 
With the hand therapy - as winter is fast approaching I am in need of some hand cream for when I'm out and about. I've actually seen the Crabtree & Evelyn products in M&S so thought it would be a good try. 
See... I can justify my reasons for having this months beauty box, I wanted the brush and needed the cream! haha.
Oh and the lovely people at YBD added this gorgeous nakd snack bar! I usually hate healthy bars because I find them boring in taste, but not this one!  The berry delight bar is gluten, wheat and dairy free containing:
- 49% dates
- 31% cashews
- 17% raisins 
- 3% Raspberries 
Apparently this bar is one of your five a day. Woo!

Will you be joining the You Beauty Discovery Box? 
What other boxes would you recommend? 
Comment below! 

Weekends In With A Foodie

As you may know from following me on twitter or instagram, I am the complete food freak.. I love cooking even if it isn't so healthy (I'm speaking about those cupackes below).
& If you've watched my smoothie vid - you'll probably understand that I am a pro at making them (really I'm just addicted to them). :P 
I hope your mouth doesn't water looking at these pictures.

If you're interested to know of any recipes I've used for anything shown above please do let me know!

Canaan - Mud Mask Review

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello readers! 
On the blog I bring you the lovely Canaan mud mask.
 I've had this product for a while but have not reviewed it because I felt like I needed to give it some time. 
Today I felt like my face needed uplifting - something a little more than makeup, so before popping into the shower.. I used the Canaan applicator to apply the product all over my face, I then left the mask on for about 3 minutes and quickly washed it off. 
Once I had washed the mask off my face I was so shocked at how soft the product had left my skin - (yes I have used this product before but I do not remember my skin being this soft). 
Soft a great word to describe how my skin felt but moisturised too, I didn't even need to moisturise my skin after because it was so smooth. 
ANYWAY, I said to myself I'd have to make this a part of a weekend routine - wash away all those weekday stresses and all. 

Can I just say this product is produced in Israel - hence the 'dead sea' text on the front of the package. The first ingredient mentioned is 'dead sea natural black mud' how cool?

Bought for £4.99 for a 50ml retails online for about £18.00 

'Dead Sea mineral mud is renowned over the world as a natural agent that revives the skin renewal, encourages its moisturising capabilities and renews its overall feel and appearance.'

'As you wash away the mud, your face will awaken to a new dawn of velvety softness.' 

How lovely, they included an applicator and little booklet with other products in and the description. 

How to: Strawberry & Grape Smoothie

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hi guys,
hope you are all having a lovely weekend - quick post on my 'how to make a smoothie' youtube upload. 
My first video & first video edit so I know its not great but yes, cut those corners and learn how to make a simple smoothie. 

Student lock in event - Northampton

Monday, 7 October 2013

I attended the student lock in event last Wednesday in Northampton as you can see below! 
If you know Northampton you'll know that its a complete utter waste of time shopping there (seriously), so I really don't know why I bothered waiting in this queue. 
For a student event - It was not great I mean some shops were doing ok discounts but I think there could have been so much more going on - perhaps because the centre is so small  and there isn't a great deal of shops. 
In terms of freebies - you could not escape all these pizza hut vouchers (not so great for those of us trying to lead a healthy lifestyle haha)..
However I did receive a beautiful gift from H.Samuel (thanks guys). 
Pictures of my OOTD are attached below - didn't take many pictures unfortunately! 

Coat - H&M
Suite top - Mango
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Mango
I know there have been many student lock in events around the UK, have you attended one? do you share my views or oppose? Comment below

Lush Cosmetics

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I always come across these lush cosmetics reviews and think why have I not yet reviewed these yet? 
I gathered it was probably because they are so pretty and glittery I really didn't want to spoil them! haaha
No but seriously, I have not yet used any of these products below as you can see and really need to make use of them! 
I still have the box of these beauties but don't really know what these products are called because there were so many more items bundled together with these. 
I really have no idea as to what I'm supposed to do with number 2 & 4 but numbers 1 & 3 I'll just pop in the bath and let it unravel from there! 
Can I just say how amazing an Iphone camera can be when you've forgotten your own at home!

Are these items above any good? let me know what you think


Cheap Ebay Finds Under £10: Think Pink!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Something a little different for the blog today, 
I haven't done an ebay finds post in a while... this one as you can tell focuses on cancer research as it is awareness month! 
Disclaimer: [Buying from these sellers does not mean you're donating to cancer research, nor does it mean you are raising the awareness by wearing any of the below items. I have put together this cheap ebay finds post for those who are thinking pink this month and would like to show support to the many sufferers of cancer... I hope I've worded this correctly!].
I have left all links to the pieces you see in the photo, below the photo.  
Handbag - buy here
Dress - buy here
Shoes - buy here
Coat - buy here
Office are supporting cancer research & raising awareness by giving the organisation £40 of their sale off this £55 shoe (see below).

How awesome?
(credit to office.co.uk for photo)
buy here

Learn & support Cancer Research here

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