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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I would never usually post a picture of my lingerie but I had to share with you guys my gifts from the lovely Vanessa over at

Now this lady knows how obsessed I am with VS & she surprised me with all of this! I did request for the lingerie btw just in case you think she is some sort of weirdo (haha).
Vanessa also got me a bag of my favourite sweets and the EOS sphere lip balm which is very popular over in the US!
I will do a separate post on the lip balm as I think it is worth the review.
Please have a look at Vanessa's blog (started in July).. Thank you again my sweets for all the gifts! Love them all.

That's it really - just wanted to show off ;)

too saucy for the blog? - I think not!

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  1. So glad you like the gifts! My Moroccan post soon come ;) x


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