September fashion wishlist

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hey guys, 
so I'm totally upset at the fact I have to go back to uni tomorrow, (anyone else feel my pain?)
 Before I head off back to Northampton - I'm sat here looking at all the things I must buy for this A/W season. 
My winter fashion is pretty simple, I do tend to stick to my blacks a lot but I have a feeling the season I will be colour popping all over the place!
These are my top three items at the moment aka must buys, enjoy!

1. River Island chelsea boots - £40
2. Mango tote - £34.99
3. Mango belted feather coat - £99.99

My A/W13 Favourites

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Good evening folks, 
Clearly from the title - this post is about my Autumn/Winter items.
These are actually my staple items this season.
Shoes - Zara
Handbag - Mango

Can I say the shoes are oh so comfortable? I can wear these beauties for the whole day with no pain whatsoever and they just look great with everything!

What are your staple items this season?

Gifts From America

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I would never usually post a picture of my lingerie but I had to share with you guys my gifts from the lovely Vanessa over at

Now this lady knows how obsessed I am with VS & she surprised me with all of this! I did request for the lingerie btw just in case you think she is some sort of weirdo (haha).
Vanessa also got me a bag of my favourite sweets and the EOS sphere lip balm which is very popular over in the US!
I will do a separate post on the lip balm as I think it is worth the review.
Please have a look at Vanessa's blog (started in July).. Thank you again my sweets for all the gifts! Love them all.

That's it really - just wanted to show off ;)

too saucy for the blog? - I think not!

KIKO - Smart Lipstick REVIEW

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hello, Hello, Hello!
I am back from my lovely holiday - what a blast I had (pictures to be uploaded soon)..Hope you are all doing well.

Today I review a product from KIKO's 'smart lipstick' range (if you don't know already KIKO has become my fave cosmetics line).

On to the presentation of the lipstick, very sleek - almost reminds me of MAC's packaging in terms of colour, text and shape.
The container of the lipstick is a matte like material which is great for those of you who have a 'not so neat' makeup bag. The container is very easy to clean!

On to the product I really love this lipstick - the colour goes on to the lip well, needing only one application. The lipstick is very creamy so a little definitely goes a long way... the only downfall of this product is that it is not very long lasting so you may want to prep your lip before applying (then again it was only £2.50).
I am never usually adventurous with lipsticks - I have a collection of pinks, browns and reds only... this was definitely my holiday 'go to'... a great purchase!

Details of the lipstick can be found below.

KIKO Smart Lipstick
colour 923
as of today some of the lipsticks are £1.90 (in selected colours.
Great for all seasons.

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