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Thursday, 8 August 2013

So I haven't painted my nails in about a month now (call the nail police) I know ladies it has been a while but honestly its because I've been so busy with de-cluttering my house and I do so much with my hands so there has been no point at all. 
However, I painted my nails yesterday and I must say I am LOVE LOVE LOVING them. 
I used two coats of the purple nail varnish, three coats of the sparkles and a finishing using the gel look top coat. 
Also just let you know as I've been drinking my smoothies every day my nails have grown so much which is crazy, I didn't expect this much growth... read my kiko review and see the length of my nails back then here!
My nails always break and chip so I am over the moon they are strong and do not chip as much! (hope I don't jinx this haha)
Read below for polish info.

from left to right: essie - to buy or not // kiko - gel look, ultra glossy top coat // NYC - 105 lights camera glitter

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