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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Vanilla lace by Victoria's Secret - Very sweet, a slight hint of musk and cocoa mm
See by Chloe - A very elegant scent for the evening
Strawberry body butter - Sweet long lasting strawberry smell
Vera Wang Princess - Reminds me of when you walk in to a hollister store (oh & the lid is also a ring like a wedding cool?)
I am simply infatuated with all of these scents! (Even the scent of the body shop body butter makes me melt!)
If you need some inspiration for daily duos that don't break the bank I suggest my staples at the moment, Victoria's secret vanilla lace (£11) sprayed on your body with the body butter (I bought on sale for £6) on your skin! Ahh heaven.
For casual outings on holiday shopping for example I'd definitely recommend Vera Wang princess and by night see by Chloe.
Quiet thick - but a little does go a long way.
What are your favourite scents? 

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