Maybelline Baby Lips

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hi guys, 
I've gone M.I.A on you again.. no biggie I'll post as much as I can while I'm out in Morocco (if you haven't read previously.. I'm out here for a month).

So first and foremost, I've been trying to get hold of this product for like ever and managed to grab it in a local superdrug at the counter. Yes the sales assistants were pushing sales on these.. luckily enough I was interested.. I had always been.
However, I must say I am left disappointed with the final finish of the product. Apart from its '├╝ber cool' package design in a really bright pink claiming to only be 'for the use of adults' I think will definitely catch the eye of some youngsters.

The review
The lipstick comes in a hot pink called 'pink punch'- smells like a peachy sort of lip balm. 
The product also claims to moisturise with a hint of colour - The moisturising part is correct but I find as the product has petroleum in the moisture is not long lasting. 
As for the colour when swatched there's a slight hint of a pink on the lips? I'd say this is just a fancy version of Vaseline. 
Out of 10 I'd give this product a 0, personally I would not use this again! 

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