Gladiator love - DIY how to make a pair of gladiator sandals (link)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I am totally in love with the gladiator trend this season. My mum told me a few years back that these types of shoes will sweep the nation - I never believed her. 
I can confirm that she was telling the truth, below the black asos sandals have sold out many times where I have considered in shopping on ebay for a pair.
Honestly don't bother on there, a great pair can start low then finish at the RRP price, (seriously) and many ebay sellers have really cheap tacky ones or really expensive fake designer pairs for like £100 - urmmm no! 
New looks heeled version that I managed to grab for £13.00 was £27.99
(As of today they have sold out on New Looks site but can be purchased on asos for the full price. Keep an eye out as asos may put them on sale soon).
If you really like them Buy here! They have all the sizes 

Asos have these currently have these out of stock - quiet annoyed as you can see they have some slight damage to the left from the shoe making process.
I can confirm these are not the best of quality but they're just too hawt to send back haha!
Keep an eye out on asos as these are regularly out of stock.

Below will be a few sites where you can buy these kind of sandals from too - Enjoy!



Create your own version....
From this 

To this
please visit here for the full tutorial on how to make your own pair of Gladiator sandals credit to > a pair & a spare - amazing site! 

I hope you have found this post useful!

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