Monday, 26 August 2013

Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying your holidays... Thought I'd share some iPhone pics with you from my holiday so far.
I travelled to Marrakech yesterday and unfortunately I didn't capture any moments of the amazing time I had there.
I literally fell in love with this monkey (besides him trying to look down my top) he was super cute. ❤

Maybelline Baby Lips

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hi guys, 
I've gone M.I.A on you again.. no biggie I'll post as much as I can while I'm out in Morocco (if you haven't read previously.. I'm out here for a month).

So first and foremost, I've been trying to get hold of this product for like ever and managed to grab it in a local superdrug at the counter. Yes the sales assistants were pushing sales on these.. luckily enough I was interested.. I had always been.
However, I must say I am left disappointed with the final finish of the product. Apart from its '├╝ber cool' package design in a really bright pink claiming to only be 'for the use of adults' I think will definitely catch the eye of some youngsters.

The review
The lipstick comes in a hot pink called 'pink punch'- smells like a peachy sort of lip balm. 
The product also claims to moisturise with a hint of colour - The moisturising part is correct but I find as the product has petroleum in the moisture is not long lasting. 
As for the colour when swatched there's a slight hint of a pink on the lips? I'd say this is just a fancy version of Vaseline. 
Out of 10 I'd give this product a 0, personally I would not use this again! 

Angel Armogida x Nicola Crawford - Bloggers Love Event

Friday, 9 August 2013

I was invited to one of the Bloggers Love events yesterday at Penthouse London showcasing some fine jewellery, luxury dresses and sweet cupcakes! 
Thanks to Angel for also making me and my friend feel very welcome (We were the first guests lol)! She was lovely throughout the night.. attending to us although she had a show to put on! 
Here is our night in pictures, enjoy. 

I had two of these cupcakes, they were so yummy - you can get these at

Our footwear

Nicola Crawford jewellery - lovely lady, you can buy her pieces here

This girl worked this dress - was my fave, this would definitely define every bit of a woman's body!

The lady above won this exact dress - looks lovely.

Angel looking pretty in pink! 

Thanks for the invite @Bloggers_Love

Smell Like Me

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Vanilla lace by Victoria's Secret - Very sweet, a slight hint of musk and cocoa mm
See by Chloe - A very elegant scent for the evening
Strawberry body butter - Sweet long lasting strawberry smell
Vera Wang Princess - Reminds me of when you walk in to a hollister store (oh & the lid is also a ring like a wedding cool?)
I am simply infatuated with all of these scents! (Even the scent of the body shop body butter makes me melt!)
If you need some inspiration for daily duos that don't break the bank I suggest my staples at the moment, Victoria's secret vanilla lace (£11) sprayed on your body with the body butter (I bought on sale for £6) on your skin! Ahh heaven.
For casual outings on holiday shopping for example I'd definitely recommend Vera Wang princess and by night see by Chloe.
Quiet thick - but a little does go a long way.
What are your favourite scents? 

NOTD: Purple Haven

So I haven't painted my nails in about a month now (call the nail police) I know ladies it has been a while but honestly its because I've been so busy with de-cluttering my house and I do so much with my hands so there has been no point at all. 
However, I painted my nails yesterday and I must say I am LOVE LOVE LOVING them. 
I used two coats of the purple nail varnish, three coats of the sparkles and a finishing using the gel look top coat. 
Also just let you know as I've been drinking my smoothies every day my nails have grown so much which is crazy, I didn't expect this much growth... read my kiko review and see the length of my nails back then here!
My nails always break and chip so I am over the moon they are strong and do not chip as much! (hope I don't jinx this haha)
Read below for polish info.

from left to right: essie - to buy or not // kiko - gel look, ultra glossy top coat // NYC - 105 lights camera glitter

What do you think?

Morocco - 13 day countdown!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Yes you read correctly I am off to Morocco in just under two weeks for 29 days! A long time (eeek) I'm so excited because I am going with a friend staying with family in one of our beach houses in Casablanca!
Thought I'd share Casablanca in pictures for you, these are all the places I will be visiting.

The beach

Morocco mall - featuring an aquarium inside

Morocco mall and the imax cinema

Tamaris aqua park - doesn't this look bliss?

One of our beach houses

Fancy visiting Casablanca? Contact me for best places to eat, visit and stay!

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Gladiator love - DIY how to make a pair of gladiator sandals (link)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I am totally in love with the gladiator trend this season. My mum told me a few years back that these types of shoes will sweep the nation - I never believed her. 
I can confirm that she was telling the truth, below the black asos sandals have sold out many times where I have considered in shopping on ebay for a pair.
Honestly don't bother on there, a great pair can start low then finish at the RRP price, (seriously) and many ebay sellers have really cheap tacky ones or really expensive fake designer pairs for like £100 - urmmm no! 
New looks heeled version that I managed to grab for £13.00 was £27.99
(As of today they have sold out on New Looks site but can be purchased on asos for the full price. Keep an eye out as asos may put them on sale soon).
If you really like them Buy here! They have all the sizes 

Asos have these currently have these out of stock - quiet annoyed as you can see they have some slight damage to the left from the shoe making process.
I can confirm these are not the best of quality but they're just too hawt to send back haha!
Keep an eye out on asos as these are regularly out of stock.

Below will be a few sites where you can buy these kind of sandals from too - Enjoy!



Create your own version....
From this 

To this
please visit here for the full tutorial on how to make your own pair of Gladiator sandals credit to > a pair & a spare - amazing site! 

I hope you have found this post useful!

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