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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

So I was super hot today, (its literally Moroccan weather in the UK) and decided to make a slush out of strawberries. 
Usually I'm quiet naughty and make my slushes out of fizzy drinks, or syrups but today I chose to be good and I must say it tastes better than any other slush I have ever tasted.
You need:
1 x Blender (I used a hand blender by Phillips that I purchased for £9.00)
Ice cubes 
Cup - (As you can see I've recycled a jar - a dolmio one haha)
Straw for slurpinnnnn' 

- Hand full of strawberries washed and cut
- 4 ice cubes or 4 tbsp of crushed ice 
(if you only have ice cubes, crush ice in freezer bags using a rolling pin or cling film unit)
- Add a spoonful of water to make blending easier
Because I have a sweet tooth, I have added some strawberry dilute juice which just added a hint of sweetness. 
& there you have it, your own home made slush..the healthy way!

You can follow these steps using any blends of fruits - don't forget to show me your creations!
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  1. Thanks for the tip! I will try this later with blueberries :)



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