Shopping with Vanessa

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hi Guys,
So as you may know I have officially moved back to London... and I've made so many plans already!
One of my top people to see was my lovely friend Vanessa, someone you guys will see a lot more of in the future.
We literally made each other laugh all day - I was super sad she had to leave *wipes tear* but today was just a lovely day

My fave place for a lasagne! Mmmmm

Made no effort to dress up, a simple maxi does everything for me lol. 

My lovely victoria secret model. 

Such a beauty

I definitely have an awesome haul for you guys - but at the moment I'm super busy organising my room for decorating :(

More dates with Vanessa? Yes please!! (Check her blog here!)

Quick daily workout

Friday, 26 July 2013

I saw this workout online and thought it was a great way to exercise at home if like me you are not signed up to any gym!
However I find these exercise terms a bit confusing so thought It would be a good idea to to put this photo set together so we could actually see what we are doing before attempting to do it.
Sometimes online videos can be great, but this photo set is simple to follow and you can save it on your phone, print and pin it to your fridge!
Btw step 2 says (15) haha the text is a bit odd. 
Hope this encourages those who are currently like myself are not working out - let's motivate each other
p.s comment below if you happen to use this workout

Susan Caplan for ASOS

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

So guys, I'm super stoked that jewellery designer Susan Caplan has collaborated with asos bringing us contemporary jewellery pieces to add that sparkle to our outfits! 
Susan's pieces of jewellery range from Vintage dior typed collars to vintage chanel earrings (the type Rihanna would soooooo wear).

The piece that caught my eye was the vintage '80s watchstrap bracelet, for only £7.00 I had to buy it! Envisioned with a particular outfit - I knew it was perfect. 
As soon as I bought this piece it was sold out, I know for a fact Susan's pieces are in demand this summer.  

What do we think of Rihanna in Susan Caplan's piece?
(Now sold out)

Zee's Closet

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hi guys just a quick post to tell you I am selling some of my unwanted clothes on ebay all with 99p listings... Don't miss out!
Buy here!

Primark Haul - Camis

Friday, 12 July 2013




Guys - It's like super hot this week & there's no way of us to cool down here in London. We have no beaches and everywhere is just congested on a hot day (I kid you not).. so its time to bring out the camis!
Primark have always been QUEEN when it comes to the basics, at £2.00 for their basic range you seriously cannot go wrong!

The black cami I found quiet interesting at only £5.00 I had to do a double take when I looked at the tag because seriously if this was in River Island or something we'd be looking at the price tag like WTF?

These camis are definitely a holiday essential - you can't go wrong ladies! I bet Rihanna has one of these....

Day & Night OOTD - How to wear an oversized tee 3 ways

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Oversized Tee - ASOS
Black boots - Zara
Pink sandal heels - M&S
This t-shirt clearly is quiet versatile, worn three ways. 
Way number 1 (my fav) t-shirt is off the shoulders making sleeves longer,
Way number 2, t-shirt is worn how its meant to be worn
Way number 3, one shoulder only 

I love simple - but I love my gold junk! 
How do you style your oversized  tees? 

Stawberry slush - Healthy ideas

So I was super hot today, (its literally Moroccan weather in the UK) and decided to make a slush out of strawberries. 
Usually I'm quiet naughty and make my slushes out of fizzy drinks, or syrups but today I chose to be good and I must say it tastes better than any other slush I have ever tasted.
You need:
1 x Blender (I used a hand blender by Phillips that I purchased for £9.00)
Ice cubes 
Cup - (As you can see I've recycled a jar - a dolmio one haha)
Straw for slurpinnnnn' 

- Hand full of strawberries washed and cut
- 4 ice cubes or 4 tbsp of crushed ice 
(if you only have ice cubes, crush ice in freezer bags using a rolling pin or cling film unit)
- Add a spoonful of water to make blending easier
Because I have a sweet tooth, I have added some strawberry dilute juice which just added a hint of sweetness. 
& there you have it, your own home made slush..the healthy way!

You can follow these steps using any blends of fruits - don't forget to show me your creations!
Twitter: @zeenaxena
Instagram: @zeenaxena

Swim in style with Motel Rocks

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Now, for everyone who knows me knows that I have a draw dedicated to bikinis. Why? simply because my love for holidays is never ending! 

I believe a girl can never go wrong in a black bikini! The 50's style shape is perfect for all size boobs giving you the lift and comfort you need, with the added mesh panels on the knickers giving it that ultimate sexy twist! 
Personally I'd style this bikini with a kimono and the red sandal heels (pictured above) which can be purchased here! These are definitely the 'sexy by night' look, guaranteed to turn heads. 
Versace styled sunglasses and asos necklace add the final touches to the look.

So the outfit looks great - but what is an outfit without the added extras? 
The YSL rouge lipstick is long lasting, so if you have been sitting by the pool all day you won't have to worry about re-applying it.
The essie marshmallow polish will give those statement nails that everyone longs for - white on black? cor blimey - hot like fire!
I am completely in love with the see by chloe perfume, perfect for day or night.

Pool side bikini looks by night are not generally considered as much as our restaurant outfits etc, so this mood board was created for those who don't yet have exact looks in mind. I love this mood board, its flirty, sexy, elegant and fun! I'd love to win this weeks challenge simply because I believe I have put together a great look and had loads of fun doing it!

Don't forget you can receive 20% off all motel products by using discount code: zeenaxena, happy shopping!

OOTD: 'Mix it up'

Jacket - H&M (sale)
Shirt - Aubin & Wills
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Marks & Spencer (limited collection)
Handbag - Morocco
Necklace - Asos

Fruit - friend or enemy?

So we all have those days where we are feeling run down and ill (this is me right now), sitting at home bored in front of the sofa munching away on those tasty walkers crisps - sipping a can of coke. Before we know it, we've raided the whole kitchen cupboard watching TV programme after TV programme not realising the time. 

We all know fruit is the key to maintaining a healthy diet but did you know of the other glories fruit can provide you with? No? Read on.....

According to the BBC, eating a fair amount of fruit and veg helps:

  • Grow and build
  • Repair and heal
  • Reproduce successfully
  • Repel illnesses and infections
  • Avoid weight-related health problems
Did you know? 

Fruits help to build our immunity - Fruits such as Oranges and strawberries are packed with Vitamins A and C which help our bodies fight against harmful bacteria. 

Keeping us energised - With natural sugars our bodies are able to process these sugars in order for us to feel more energised. 

Maintaining healthy skin - So you fork out £50 on that wonderful designer cream that claims it can do X, Y and Z but have you ever considered killing two birds with one stone? (not literally...but you know what I mean). A pack of oranges as cheap as £1 - where  you are maintaining a healthy diet by consuming fruit, helping your immunity, keeping energised and helping your skin to remain clear!! I mean what more could we ask for? 

Considering fruits for other things.....
Ever wondered what other things you could do with fruits? Here I go....

1. Fruit smoothies - a great way to get all those fruits packed into one drink! (I hate a lot of tropical fruits, but I tend not to taste the particular fruit I don't like when mixed with others).

Quick recipe - Strawberry, Oranges, Kiwi, One tsp greek yogurt, Ice, Half a cup of water

2. Drinking out of a pineapple - You don't have to be in hawaii to do this! Nip to your local supermarket for those £1 pineapples..cheers!

3. Fruit beauty mask 

4. Hair mask - for all you hair lovers, why not try whipping up your own hair mask? 

5. Salad - don't like smoothies? here is another alternative to get all those fruits packed in one!

My reasoning for this post is simply because I want to feel/look good, I am trying to incorporate exercise (without a gym membership) and healthy meals. 

I will keep you update more on instagram so follow me - @zeenaxena

Travels to Rouen - France

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My travels this week took me to Rouen in France, a place full of history and breathtaking views! Travelling with the best friends (ultimate fashionistas) for a wedding has to definitely been the highlight of my Summer already!
Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

Typical French breakfast - ohhh where's that smelly cheese?

Oh you beauties -you

Check me out!

cuuuute >.<

A spot of shopping
Runway ladies!

Want to get away? We spent £43.00 pp getting to France (Paris) at first using Cheap and cheerful!

Where will my travels take me next? Wait and see ;)

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