kiko nail lacquer - limited edition sun pearl range

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I must say I am totally in love with kiko's products right now.
Upon my visit to London Westfield (about two weeks ago) I set about visiting kiko to buy a few items, and I must say this nail lacquer has to be one of my favourite purchases.

The nail lacquer comes in at £4.90 which is great for a product that is limited edition (their other nail lacquers are about £2.90).
In the picture below I am only wearing one coat of the lacquer which I don't get away with often as my nails are very brittle from recent acrylics.

I love the fact that there is little glitter parts in the nail varnish but is not like other glitter nail varnishes i.e. hard to get off.
The lacquer also comes in three other colours, check the sun pearl range out here!

I am wearing shade #428 in River Green


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