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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We all love a bit of spandex/rayon but when it comes to bandage dresses the craze seems to be phenomenal.  
With designers such as Herve Leger, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and shows like TOWIE it is safe to say that these types of dresses have proven very popular in most recent years.

The main purpose of this post is to show some of my readers who don't know that you can also have some of these fab dresses in your closet for less!
Many birthdays are commencing this summer and what better way to dress for the big day. I'm going to be 21 next month and already I have many ideas of what kind of dress I want for my birthday.

Below is an example of a Herve Leger dress originally costing £1,370 (according to the

I mean just think of what you could do with that money? My bets would be me visiting a long haul destination.... Barbados perhaps?
Herve Leger Dress

From these photos you can clearly tell why these types of dresses are very popular. Owning one of these dresses myself (from, I can definitely tell you that these dresses hug you in the right places (from waist to stomach and bum) you are instantly deemed a bandage bandit to the bodycon community (haha).

If you are looking to purchase one of these dresses please have a look at the list I have created below and please do find reviews of the experience of customers with all of these companies and read their shipping times before purchasing.
Most importantly do your RESEARCH!! Some sites are much cheaper than others. 

Some other retailers include:
COCO Couture - @cococouture2012 (COCO couture also make their own dresses to order) Dresses retail at around £60. I will be purchasing from them soon.
Back in may I sent this seller about £74 for a dress including delivery. I wanted this dress in time for my birthday (June 15th) so ordered 15 days prior - did not receive the dress, I always have a backup however that's besides the point. She promised to send the dress and refund me £20 as a good will gesture.
Received the dress no £20 refund - The dress was the wrong design and wrong colour.
What a DOUCHE!
Many others have complained about the poor service so If you are willing to take the risk.. go ahead.


  1. love the bandage dress! so flattering x

  2. You should also try Just Chic Boutique at for the same high quality bandage dresses as Celeb Boutique but for much cheaper prices.


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