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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Greetings earthlings,
Its a beautiful day here in Northampton, with the sun beaming I cannot wait for the holidays!
So far I've had a productive morning/afternoon.. having gone to the gym (my zumba class got cancelled) so I set about doing my own workouts (sets). Was pretty amazed at myself because I forgot my ipod at home and usually cannot work out without my 90's r&b classics! Still I managed to do an unbelievable amount of sets in 45mins.. very proud of myself.

Oh and after I sweated it out in the gym.. I had to take a pic of my hair (someone asked on my tumblr for some up to date hair pics..so here is one)
I absolutely love my hair colour!

Above I also have loads of products to review..forgive me if the blog is empty from time to time, I have loads to do.. but will try to update as much as possible.
On that note toodles, my day will be consisting of assignments home made pizza and workouts!
P.s I will keep you guys up to date on the fitness and hair!
*Big kisses* 
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Fab Fem Fashion - A new brand coming to you soon!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Already I am loving Fab Fem's instagram page, only started 3 weeks ago...the brand are making a name for themselves with their astonishing instagram pictures which on average are liked about 100 times (per pic).
The clever product building has already gone global with followers from all over the world, despite not even launching anything yet!

Fab Fem's ladies range will be launching in a couple of months - bringing you a range of urban/classy wear!
The launch of the first SS13 collection - Will be a mix of elegant tops and dresses to get you through spring.
Once the first line of the range is launched, Fab Fem will be working hard to launch the full line for you ladies!
Upon their launch Fab Fem will be hosting a range of giveaways so make sure you are kept updated.
I am looking forward to seeing the range, and as the brand belongs to a friend (Hi Charis) I'm happy to join her on her journey to success!

Please join the Fab Fem Fever on their fabulous social media pages:
Instagram: @FABFEM
Twitter: @FabFemFashion

Remember; 'Fabulosity begins with fashion' - Fab Fem Fashion '13

Kent - Air Hedz Glo Ionic Quill Brush Review

Hi guys, 
I am not going to mumbo jumbo here...let's just say lately I've been such an awful blogger! 
The biggest question that sticks in my head is 'does not posting even make me a blogger'? 
I'll have to make some serious time for this blog because its in need of a serious revamp!
Anyway... on to the review! 
About two weeks ago I stepped into TK MAXX with the hope of bagging myself some new shoes..being a naturlista I found myself in the hair section instead..haha. 
So anyway, I came across the air hed glo brush by kent, one word AMAZING!!! Let's just say I've never felt a brush massage my scalp so well..detangle and basically straighten the strands of my hair without using any heat. 
Kent claims the brush:
- Stimulates the scalp
- Removes UV and pollution from the hair shaft 

The brush retails for £6.95 on the kent website, however I must've paid a tad less at TK MAXX.

Since using the brush, I feel that my hair is so much more softer and barely has any knots! (I even think the brush claimed that it minimises split ends) oooh! 

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