Holiday Lusting - 5 Top Destinations.

Friday, 11 January 2013

As a Travel and Tourism student, I am constantly thinking and writing about travel and tourism. From a young age I have always travelled  year in year out to the best country in the world (Morocco). 
I have been studying travel and tourism for about 5 years now, I've always been interested in the subject and very intrigued as to how travel and tourism is used in our every life without us even realising! 
Here I bring you my top five destinations I would like to visit. 

1. Maldives

Reason for visit:
For about two years I have been obsessed with the natural essence of the Maldives. For me, the Maldives has to be one of the romantic places on earth! Based in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is surrounded by 99% water. I mean just Imagine waking up to breathtaking views and 30oc all year round? Bliss! The Maldives relies heavily on tourism, (this being their main capital) I feel it is my duty to partake in visiting such a beautiful country.  

2. Hawaii 

Reason for visit:
Hawaii has always been a destination I've always wanted to visit through studying tourism. Again the beautiful natural sites and wildlife continue to amaze me! I love how everyone is so close and appreciate the culture, the hula dancers are also amazing….I could definitely see myself living on the Island as one haha!

3. Barbados

Reason for visit:
Now, Barbados if you didn't know is one of the countries I am from. I haven’t actually been to Barbados but it does fall into the beautiful countries I need to visit category. I am big on Caribbean food (it’s bloody amazing) and again the scenery is one thing that attracts me most to this destination. The coral reef in Barbados is absolutely amazing with colours booming left right and centre.I also have relatives I am yet to meet in Barbados so that is another pull factor!

4. Brazil 

Reason for visit:
Back in December I wrote near enough 3,000 words on Brazil! The country is so breathtaking with their rainforests and waterfalls and. I’d most definitely visit Brazil in February some year simply because of the Carnival! The Carnival is so vibrant, flamboyant and any other ‘over the top’ words you can think of lol. Brazil is set to be a very busy country years to come with carnivals, the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics why wouldn't anyone wanna visit? 

5. America - California

Reason for visit:
Again, amazing views…you have most probably realised that I am not too interested in the attractions but the breathtaking natural views. California is home to some of the best beach houses, beaches and amazing palm trees! I'm California DREAMING!!

As you can see I absolutely love travel and tourism, I have so much planned for 2013! Who's with me?

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