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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Yet again.. I've done the deed and neglected my blog. It's so hard with a schedule like mine uni..work and moving! Yes you read correctly moving
Most of you will not know, I am actually from London and moved to northampton last year for university, again I'm moving from my 9th floor apartment to a 4 bed house with massive garden, three bathrooms and a garage! (ooh lah lah). Northampton is not much of a town but one thing I can say, it's so much quieter compared to London. I feel here my life is going at the pace it should be whereas in London it was noise x the fast life. *Takes deep breath*... Now I can relax!

Anyway onto moving, I really love my new house it's spacious and looks neat.
I think this house is a bloggers dream.. regarding space, lighting and the area itself. Can't wait to start updating my blog for you guys!
I am also in the process of accessorising my bedroom so have a look out for that.
But for now, I am returning to a busy schedule but will keep you posted in the next week or so.

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