Trip to Oxford!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Had a great time Staying in Oxford, however yesterday the fun came to a stand still when my body decided to have an epileptic fit when I had nearly been a year free! :(
Anyway here's a few pics, hope you are all well my poodles!

Avoid those pimples this winter!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

So while everyone gets over spot season.. I'm sitting hear thinking uh oh it's break out season for me!
Yes I get spots in the winter! So right now I'm trying my best to avoid a big massive breakout.
Here's a quick way to avoid spot.. This should be done at least once a week!
Night Poodles xx


Saturday, 15 September 2012

So on my trip to milton keynes I went into superdrug and bagged all of this for £6.00!! I've never seen a sale so good (the lipstickk is Barry M).

Trip To Milton Keynes

Do it big: with

Friday, 7 September 2012

What a great outfit at a GREAT price!!!! 
As you can see I have kept within Boohoo's colour scheme, black n pink black n pink black n pink (I don't think wiz khalifa would be pleased with my remix haha). 

Well anyway, 
the point of this post is my entry for, I had been emailed the details of the comp and thought why not. 
I really love this outfit..I saw the shirt advertising on Boohoo's TV advert and fell in love with it since then, the shoes I've wanted for a long time and the skirt is simply amazing. The budget was £50.00 and I've managed to keep within that (even adding an extra touch).
The earrings are definitely 'on trend' and give this look an even more vintage finish!!!
Wish me luck :) 
Ava printed long sleeved shirt £18.00 | Tara lace insert midi skirt £12.00 | Noelle Fuchsia creepers £12.00 |
Eliza Deco Triangle earrings £5.00
Total £47.00

Let fashion speak

As you can see from my colour scheme...lately I'm into all the darker colours. I don't know if its because we are approaching winter or if its because I just like dark colours. Anyway heres what I got:
Been on my wish list for a while now, finally got my hands on some...and reduced!! :) Wahoo

I love the almost invisible print on this tee, with my hand in the top it looks like I have a henna design!

Sale £10! I love me a bargain..(reminds me of michael jackson for some reason)

Similar to AA's riding pants, only a fraction of the price...Gawd I love H&M!
£6 Each? I had to get two!!

Beauty Haul

So yesterday I decided to do some shopping to stock up on the things I need!! 
I rarely use Aussie products but decided to buy their 'take the heat' range since my hair is easily damaged after one usage of heat. 
I decided to opt in for a super drug face mask (since it has a little ladies face on that I know...hello Lamie)..looks like it smells great too!! 
I also opted for the new YSL mat lipstick in Rouge!! I needed a good lipstick and fed up of the typical mac stuff so thought I'd splash out a bit! 
I've also bought some yankee candles, House of Fraser had a mini sale (snapped the purple one for 63p)
They smell gorgeous...its a shame you can't eat them all haha!

YSL - Rouge Pur Couture 'The Mats'

Yankee candles

Daisy Nails

The other day, I decided to try a new style with my nails which left all my customers at work wowing and ooing! Pretty simple design..
Step 1: Paint nails any colour of your choice
Step 2: Use a top coat to dry the nails quicker
Step 3: Paint the base of the daisy (the yellow circles, as you please) 
Step 4: Paint on the petals with a colour of your choice (again using the dot technique) 
BOOM BANG..cute nails! 

September wishlist

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dear bank account, I only got two items from my august wishlist so please make this month full of new clothes to brighten up my closet!! 
Yes, I love H&M...its my 'go to' shop...I just love the simple style and the pricing to. The clothes are worth the money (sometimes more)...Here's whats on my list this month....
I'm in love with everything, especially the boots and jacket! How hot?!

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