CLOSED!!! Vintage ChiQ Giveaway

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Okay so as some of you may or may not know I've been running a little online shop called Vintage ChiQ for about a year now. I started off with clothing (customising), then slowly swayed into quirky jewellery! I love doing what I do but more recently I've closed my shop due to planning and not having enough time on my hands.
I wanted to do a giveaway for hitting a certain amount of views on my blog in a short space of time as a thank you (I won't share how many views...its personal ;)) But didn't get to do it...because I was being lazy but I've exceeded it anyway..which is all gravy baby!!

I love meeting new bloggers, love the ones I communicate with already and hope to meet some more of you...but thank you to those who come to read my blog on a regular means alot! xx

2 x Love Hearts Ring to giveaway (2winners)

Oreo ring (the last one left) and I've chosen to give away :)
1x ring.

To enter:
Simply comment below with your name/email & that's it!
how awesome? you don't have to follow (although I'd love that) or enter in 'X' amount of ways, but you do have to reside in the UK!
Please share on twitter, facebook blogs etc
& Remember there are three possible winners!

Comp ends on Aug 30th Winners will be announced on Aug 31st!
Contact me on twitter @zeenaxena for any questions & Good Luck!

                                                Click to like Vintage ChiQ on facebook.


  1. I want to win SO SO SO bad!!!! Awesome giveaway for the cutest items!!

    Grace (allthatslap) xx

  2. I LOVE THEM!!! They look so yummy!!!
    I want to eat them!!!! LOOOOL
    I want to be one of the WINNERS!!!
    Pretty please with love like a first love ;)


  3. Id love to own the Oreo ring. It's super quirky & cute. Plus the fact that I'm fasting right now means that it actually looks appetising *hides face in shame* lol
    My name is hana & my email is

  4. Such a lovely giveaway though it's a shame you closed your shop :( You look like you had cool things to sell there!

    I'd love to enter! :)

    Cat from the blog: What Cat Says (
    And my email is :


  5. Ahhhh too bad it's only for UK readers :(
    I would've loved to enter this giveaway!
    Ah well, good luck for the others entering! :)



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