Soft hair & a great twist out in minutes!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

SO like always a fashion post followed by a hair post. I wasn't gonna do one today because I had nothing to say about my hair or hair in general but oh my I do now!

Okay so upon having a midnight shower, I decided that I was gonna wash my hair because it was just looking so dry, my hair wasn't absorbing any oils and it was just not possible to comb through.
I usually use tresemme naturals conditioner to co wash but today I rebelled against that and decided to use the herbal essences tousle me softly soft waves range.

Lets just say I made the right decision, my hair has never felt so soft! Here are all the products I used whilst doing my hair:

Denman brush, cantu shea butter, TLC shea boab nourishing oil,
herbal essences tousle me softly soft waves hair mask & conditioner

Now, let me talk you through the process.

Step 1:
Whilst singing in the mirror (lol), I soaked my hair in water and let the mask sit in my hair for 5 minutes. I then washed the mask out of my hair and reapplied for another 5 minutes using my denman brush to separate my strands. I then conditioned my hair with the herbal essences conditioner and wow was my hair feeling soft already!

Step 2:
I let my hair air dry then started sectioning my hair in to little sections. Using my cantu shea butter, I massaged from root to tip and again using my denman brush...brushed through my hair then twisted every single section to seperate my strands again and to also soften my hair a bit.

Step 3:
Using my shea boab oil, I sealed the ends of my twists then unravelled. If I had left the twists in a little longer, My waves/Curls would have been more defined! This whole process took about 10 minutes minus washing time and is a great way to create a quick twist out.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys xoxo

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