How to:Create flawless makeup in on a budget

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So the other day I created this cute look which only takes me minutes because this is practically my regime! You may be thinking wow she covers up with a lot of foundation, blah blah blah but to answer that I don't. My skin is very clear, of course I have a few baby spots but the most visible one I have is the one on my cheek (other side)...which my mum calls a love spot haha.
This is makeup on a budget at its best, I don't need the expensive stuff simply cause the cheap stuff works great for me!!

Lets get started :)

*LEFT* MUA Pressed Powder (shade 4)  -£1.OO
*LEFT* Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (colour OO1 dark brown) - £2.99
*RIGHT* MUA Eyeshadow (shade 17) - £1.OO
*RIGHT* Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow - £2.5O
*RIGHT* 2in1 Foundation&powder brush by H&M - £2.99
*RIGHT*  Eyeshadow brush by H&M - £1.99
*RIGHT* Mary Kay Rich Fig Lipstick - About £10.OO
Many people will wonder if you can create flawless make up looks on a budget and the answer is yes, I've got so many comments on how nice my makeup looks thanks to these products. Please note, I have tried mac, mary kay, maybelline matte mousse and satin liquid foundation. I still have all of these products but choose to use the cheapest at a pound...even my mum wants some MUA pressed powder!

Your face is like a piece of art work, you want to start fresh on clean skin.

Step 1: Using your foundation brush and pressed powder apply from the centre of the face outwards ensuring any excess powder is off the face. Cover the face entirely using the centre outward technique.

Step 2: Using your eyebrow pencil, brush your eyebrows upwards and then smooth into shape. Next pencil your eyebrows in a shape that is suitable to your face. I use pencil colours lighter than my hair simply because black eyebrows do not suit me at all.

Step 3: Using a light eyeshadow (lighter than your skin tone) apply some to the bottom of eyebrows, this gives the 'just got my eyebrows done' look. If you don't know what that looks like, the eyeshadow basically makes your eyebrows stand out.

Step 4: Take your mascara and brush upwards, some people brush down but I figure like that you do not get as much length. I usually make a mess on my eyelids trying to get as much length as possible. Essentially you can use Vaseline prior to applying mascara, this also helps with length.

Step 5: Using your powder brush and mosaic glow, suck cheeks in and apply in a soft sweeping movement. This will define the cheekbone slightly. I do not use blushers, again something that I've figured does not suit me. You can use some bronzing pearls for this look instead if you do not have the mosaic glow.

Step 6: Apply some lipstick....and you're done!!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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  1. Gorgeous look! The lipstick suits you really, really well. Great post!


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