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Sunday, 29 July 2012

As planned a post on hair, nails, and skin! The title may sound a little silly but sometimes people get stuck and don't know who or what to turn to! No fear, I am here! All three things I have had problems with and still face challenges with my hair, skin and nails on a monthly basis.

So...lets start!

How to: Keep hair moisturised
So my hair regime has COMPLETELY changed. I still co (conditioner) wash but also wash with shampoo once a month to ensure all build up is removed.
To keep hair moisturised: Spritz hair daily with a water based spritz, follow with a leave in conditioner and then seal your ends with some oil.

Recently I've been super super busy, so what I did throughout the week was a wash and go. Again spritz'd my hair with a self made spritz (to ensure the hair is damp) and then using my eco styler gel applied some to my hair to create super tight curls.
I did not comb or brush my hair for a few days, just detangled with fingers and followed the above moisturisation steps twice daily. My hair has never felt so moisturised.

ALSO: Be sure to give your hair some protein! Mix egg whites, olive/almond oil and honey and apply to to hair and let it set in hair for a minimum of 15 minutes (with a shower cap or plastic bag on your head). This will give your hair some strength back, especially for those who manipulate their hair regularly.
Almond oil
Pure olive oil imported from morocco (thats why its not in professional packaging)

Mixed together

How to: Grow & Maintain nail length
Now I love long nails but the longer mines get the weaker they get :( ! I have now got a nail regime to help my nails grow stronger and longer.
Items you will need:
- Cuticle revitalizer
- Nail file
- Olive oil/Almond oil (this helps my nails a lot with splitting and chipping)
- Clear nail varnish the promotes healthy, lengthy nails!

How to: Prevent stretch marks
Okay so yes, I'm a culprit for stretch marks...I've earned my stripes but will not flaunt them. You get ladies saying girls should be proud of stretch marks, there is nothing wrong with them etc, I just find it so annoying because everyone has their own opinions on stretch marks so let it be. As you can tell I'm not proud of my stretch marks, I've had some on my but from when I was really young...started to get some on my waist when I put on weight and started to get some on my legs when diagnosed with epilepsy! FLIPPING ANNOYING!
I hate stretch marks and like weight they are hard to loose! But recently I have been massaging almond oil into the affected areas which has helped alot. My stretch marks on my waist have practically gone but I am working on my legs at the moment! I will be taking pics of those to keep you guys updated and to actually prove if it works or not.


  1. Love this post! I use to do the same with my hair! I love to use oils on my hair. My favourite is indeed the olive oil from morocco but also argan oil.
    I knew oils were good for stretch marks as well, but the routines i tried, didn't work. I haven't tried almond oil though, so thank you so much for the tip!!! Did you use it on deep stretch marks?


    1. Thank you darling!
      If you try warming some almond oil and using it on your stretch marks once a will see a difference!!!
      That reminds me I need to buy some more lol x


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