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Thursday, 19 July 2012

I think its time for a competition right guys?! A lovely lady who goes by the name of 'Ms Stylez' has decided to host a giveaway in launch of her brand 'Caykie Couture'. I must say this lady is just balls of talent, she designed my website banner, does all the graphic work for her brand, other brands and so much more!
Its so nice to see a female come up with a quirky urban style brand....theres just too many males in the industry. Please support her work guys, truly amazing!

How to enter:

Comment below simply explaining what 'Caykie Couture' means to you. You do not need to know any history of the brand, but I will attach some photos to give you guys more of an idea.


- Be as creative as possible, define the logo, symbols
- Does the brand remind you of any existing leading brands?
I won't give too much away, you have to come up with the rest yourself ;)

READ (Its Important):

- Entrants must include name & email in their entry

- Competition open to the UK only (sorry overseas readers, I will have something for you in the near future)

- Based on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

- Clothing comes in a range of sizes/UNISEX

- I will announce when the competition is closed, for now it is ongoing!

Good luck guys!

Caykie Couture snapback
Promo tees

Caykie Couture Jumper - other colours available

Like Caykie Couture on Facebook

P.S Keep on the look out for my lookbook for Caykie Couture. I'll be modelling some of this fabulousness! :)

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