Dinner - Rice & peas & stewed chicken

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SO.... whilst in London, I was eager to learn how to cook EXACTLY like how my nan does and guess what I think this dish was about three points away from hers which makes me happy!
I won't go through the steps, but can I just say marinating chicken over night is just the best! I never do it and now I have every reason to.
My aim: To cook EXACTLY like my nan
My boyfriends verdict: "This food tastes like my nans!!"


Rice & peas, stewed chicken, salad and coleslaw

P.S If any one would like my grandma's recipe for this meal just give me an email!

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  1. Fantastic reciepe my hubby will be so happy if I give this a go. I can make rice and peas already but not stew chicken. Thanks hun x


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