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Thursday, 19 July 2012

So your most probably thinking, erm where did the curls go in the first place? Well the truth is I straightened my hair for mine and my misters anniversary and I straightened my hair again yesterday simply because I like change!
Upon checking my hair today, I found so many split ends & knots...feeling annoyed I trimmed the ends that were damaged then went to wash my hair.

I'd just like thank the team at my curls for sending me these products!
Here's my review:

From left to right I'll be going through these products and explaining how they have worked for me.
All of My curls contains no parabens, no mineral oils & no silicones.

1. My Curls - Cleansing cream
I wouldn't say this was a cream but more of a cleansing gel. Anyway as you guys know I have been co washing only which is great but some build up can be left behind which is not so great. When I used this, I instantly felt some build up from my scalp (which had been missed by conditioning only) come into my nails as this is how I clean my scalp. I was astonished because I never thought a product like this could literally 'reveal' hidden dirt.

2. My Curls - Nourishing oil
This products is one of My Curls exclusives! So I'm happy to be the one of the first to sample this. This oil has an amazing smell (along with the two other products I am about to review) and literally feeds your hair with goodness.
My hair is easy to comb, feels soft and smells great.

3. My Curls - Coco curly conditioner
This conditioner + my denman brush works wonders, I wish I had some more because just after two washes the sample is finished. I can say this product worked well to soften and to make my hair smell great but did not give my hair that shine and moisture I expected to so I mixed with some Almond oil which then gave me both the shine and moisture.

4. My Curls - Curl Smoothie
Just by smelling this product you'd deffo want to drink this smoothie, haha (I kid is for your hair).
So this has to be one of my fav curl products of all time and is just amazing....can we just let the picture speak for itself?
(Excuse my nakedism)
So before is a picture with the cleansing cream and conditioner only and after the curl smoothie is added. I hate the shape of my hair when it begins drying, it almost goes into a pyramid shape. Using this product has given my hair some body, definition and has also given my hair some shine.
(Hair is stretched in second picture, don't know what that thing is near my hairline...but its not a juicy spot haha)
Yeah so overall I loved the my curls range, sitting here writing this post my hair looks, feels and smells AMAZING!

I also love the packaging of my curls, The sample products come in a plastic glass looking bottle which looks very professional (like products you'd receive in a salon)!! A plus for me, I love pretty things.

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! I'm Loving your blog!
    You have great posts.

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  2. Love the curls dear!

    Followed you!


  3. Thanks Zeena for writing such an awesome review! Your hair looks amazing :)


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