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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Now guys, I must say just a year ago I was wearing acrylics non stop getting them done every two weeks until I gathered its way too expensive and I'd be leaving London so didn't trust anyone else with my nails. My nails were so damaged and has taken me nearly a year for them to recover :(
I've been rubbing olive oil on my nails and using Sally Hansen nail strengthener, I will do a more detailed post on nail growth one of these days!

More to the point, I don't know if you guys have heard of the latest caviar nail trend? Well I have and can say I adore this trend!
The popular nail polish brand Ciate made the trend I'd say more noticeable, I have seen nails and lips with beads on but didn't think I could get hold of them!
The beads by ciate are around £20 but ESPECIALLY for you guys I have found the cheapest of the cheapest...£1.25 for 12 bottles of different coloured beads!! (Check below pictures for link)
Here are some pictures of my nails, NOTE: The micro beads are on my ring finger.

Buy the micro beads here for £1.25
Please note delivery time for UK residents can take up to a month, its worth the me!!
Comment below if you happen to purchase, what do you think of the trend? YAY or NAY?


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