Ebay fashion finds: Cheap 'n' Chic

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Want a cheap fashionable outfit for under £3O.OO? Look no further!
Total £24.17
(Prices exc delivery)

How to: Look after yourself!

As planned a post on hair, nails, and skin! The title may sound a little silly but sometimes people get stuck and don't know who or what to turn to! No fear, I am here! All three things I have had problems with and still face challenges with my hair, skin and nails on a monthly basis.

So...lets start!

How to: Keep hair moisturised
So my hair regime has COMPLETELY changed. I still co (conditioner) wash but also wash with shampoo once a month to ensure all build up is removed.
To keep hair moisturised: Spritz hair daily with a water based spritz, follow with a leave in conditioner and then seal your ends with some oil.

Recently I've been super super busy, so what I did throughout the week was a wash and go. Again spritz'd my hair with a self made spritz (to ensure the hair is damp) and then using my eco styler gel applied some to my hair to create super tight curls.
I did not comb or brush my hair for a few days, just detangled with fingers and followed the above moisturisation steps twice daily. My hair has never felt so moisturised.

ALSO: Be sure to give your hair some protein! Mix egg whites, olive/almond oil and honey and apply to to hair and let it set in hair for a minimum of 15 minutes (with a shower cap or plastic bag on your head). This will give your hair some strength back, especially for those who manipulate their hair regularly.
Almond oil
Pure olive oil imported from morocco (thats why its not in professional packaging)

Mixed together

How to: Grow & Maintain nail length
Now I love long nails but the longer mines get the weaker they get :( ! I have now got a nail regime to help my nails grow stronger and longer.
Items you will need:
- Cuticle revitalizer
- Nail file
- Olive oil/Almond oil (this helps my nails a lot with splitting and chipping)
- Clear nail varnish the promotes healthy, lengthy nails!

How to: Prevent stretch marks
Okay so yes, I'm a culprit for stretch marks...I've earned my stripes but will not flaunt them. You get ladies saying girls should be proud of stretch marks, there is nothing wrong with them etc, I just find it so annoying because everyone has their own opinions on stretch marks so let it be. As you can tell I'm not proud of my stretch marks, I've had some on my but from when I was really young...started to get some on my waist when I put on weight and started to get some on my legs when diagnosed with epilepsy! FLIPPING ANNOYING!
I hate stretch marks and like weight they are hard to loose! But recently I have been massaging almond oil into the affected areas which has helped alot. My stretch marks on my waist have practically gone but I am working on my legs at the moment! I will be taking pics of those to keep you guys updated and to actually prove if it works or not.

Working Girl

Friday, 27 July 2012

Okay dolls,
More recently I have bagged myself a job so have been working crazy shifts as a newbie tryna get used to all the technology, systems and all that malarkey... (well not nosense but you know what I mean lol)
Anyway I have some great posts lined up for you guys, a great new hair routine that will leave your hair unbelievably moisturised, skin tips OOTDs & hopefully some new buys!

Hopefully I am able to get some posts done before the weekend is over, If not....enjoy your weekend guys!

OOTD - Stand out!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I've always loved bright colours, they compliment my skin tone and just make me feel happy :D

Blazer - River Island
Top - Bershka
Shorts - Levis
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Olivia Accessories
Jammie dodger ring - by me

Sporting one of my own rings & primarks sailor ring!

Necklace: Olivia Accesories, thanks to the lovely guys who sent this over. Compliments my outfit, something I'll be wearing alot!
Olivia accessories are a small online jewellery and accessories boutique who offer carefully selected items sourced from their travels! How cool? Check them out!

Hope you enjoyed..

How to:Create flawless makeup in minutes..makeup on a budget

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So the other day I created this cute look which only takes me minutes because this is practically my regime! You may be thinking wow she covers up with a lot of foundation, blah blah blah but to answer that No...no I don't. My skin is very clear, of course I have a few baby spots but the most visible one I have is the one on my cheek (other side)...which my mum calls a love spot haha.
This is makeup on a budget at its best, I don't need the expensive stuff simply cause the cheap stuff works great for me!!

Lets get started :)

*LEFT* MUA Pressed Powder (shade 4)  -£1.OO
*LEFT* Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil (colour OO1 dark brown) - £2.99
*RIGHT* MUA Eyeshadow (shade 17) - £1.OO
*RIGHT* Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow - £2.5O
*RIGHT* 2in1 Foundation&powder brush by H&M - £2.99
*RIGHT*  Eyeshadow brush by H&M - £1.99
*RIGHT* Mary Kay Rich Fig Lipstick - About £10.OO
Many people will wonder if you can create flawless make up looks on a budget and the answer is yes, I've got so many comments on how nice my makeup looks thanks to these products. Please note, I have tried mac, mary kay, maybelline matte mousse and satin liquid foundation. I still have all of these products but choose to use the cheapest at a pound...even my mum wants some MUA pressed powder!

Your face is like a piece of art work, you want to start fresh on clean skin.

Step 1: Using your foundation brush and pressed powder apply from the centre of the face outwards ensuring any excess powder is off the face. Cover the face entirely using the centre outward technique.

Step 2: Using your eyebrow pencil, brush your eyebrows upwards and then smooth into shape. Next pencil your eyebrows in a shape that is suitable to your face. I use pencil colours lighter than my hair simply because black eyebrows do not suit me at all.

Step 3: Using a light eyeshadow (lighter than your skin tone) apply some to the bottom of eyebrows, this gives the 'just got my eyebrows done' look. If you don't know what that looks like, the eyeshadow basically makes your eyebrows stand out.

Step 4: Take your mascara and brush upwards, some people brush down but I figure like that you do not get as much length. I usually make a mess on my eyelids trying to get as much length as possible. Essentially you can use Vaseline prior to applying mascara, this also helps with length.

Step 5: Using your powder brush and mosaic glow, suck cheeks in and apply in a soft sweeping movement. This will define the cheekbone slightly. I do not use blushers, again something that I've figured does not suit me. You can use some bronzing pearls for this look instead if you do not have the mosaic glow.

Step 6: Apply some lipstick....and you're done!!

Hope you enjoyed :)


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Its such a nice day today isn't it guys? For those overseas we had an early summer here in the UK that lasted about a week and its been raining ever since :(...we've had a small glimpse of the sun but its never 'bikini weather' over here!

Anyway...another day another outfit :D

Necklace & Bracelet set : H&M (can't remember price)
Shirt: Aubin & Wills - £79.OO
Jeans: Primark - £14.OO
Ring:Primark - £4.OO
Shoes: EBAY - £1O.OO

I'm off to watch dark night rises.......nanananananananana batman!!

Curls are back - My Curls review

Thursday, 19 July 2012

So your most probably thinking, erm where did the curls go in the first place? Well the truth is I straightened my hair for mine and my misters anniversary and I straightened my hair again yesterday simply because I like change!
Upon checking my hair today, I found so many split ends & knots...feeling annoyed I trimmed the ends that were damaged then went to wash my hair.

I'd just like thank the team at my curls for sending me these products!
Here's my review:

From left to right I'll be going through these products and explaining how they have worked for me.
All of My curls contains no parabens, no mineral oils & no silicones.

1. My Curls - Cleansing cream
I wouldn't say this was a cream but more of a cleansing gel. Anyway as you guys know I have been co washing only which is great but some build up can be left behind which is not so great. When I used this, I instantly felt some build up from my scalp (which had been missed by conditioning only) come into my nails as this is how I clean my scalp. I was astonished because I never thought a product like this could literally 'reveal' hidden dirt.

2. My Curls - Nourishing oil
This products is one of My Curls exclusives! So I'm happy to be the one of the first to sample this. This oil has an amazing smell (along with the two other products I am about to review) and literally feeds your hair with goodness.
My hair is easy to comb, feels soft and smells great.

3. My Curls - Coco curly conditioner
This conditioner + my denman brush works wonders, I wish I had some more because just after two washes the sample is finished. I can say this product worked well to soften and to make my hair smell great but did not give my hair that shine and moisture I expected to so I mixed with some Almond oil which then gave me both the shine and moisture.

4. My Curls - Curl Smoothie
Just by smelling this product you'd deffo want to drink this smoothie, haha (I kid is for your hair).
So this has to be one of my fav curl products of all time and is just amazing....can we just let the picture speak for itself?
(Excuse my nakedism)
So before is a picture with the cleansing cream and conditioner only and after the curl smoothie is added. I hate the shape of my hair when it begins drying, it almost goes into a pyramid shape. Using this product has given my hair some body, definition and has also given my hair some shine.
(Hair is stretched in second picture, don't know what that thing is near my hairline...but its not a juicy spot haha)
Yeah so overall I loved the my curls range, sitting here writing this post my hair looks, feels and smells AMAZING!

I also love the packaging of my curls, The sample products come in a plastic glass looking bottle which looks very professional (like products you'd receive in a salon)!! A plus for me, I love pretty things.

Click for my curls site
My curls facebook
My curls twitter

Giveaway time - Caykie Couture

I think its time for a competition right guys?! A lovely lady who goes by the name of 'Ms Stylez' has decided to host a giveaway in launch of her brand 'Caykie Couture'. I must say this lady is just balls of talent, she designed my website banner, does all the graphic work for her brand, other brands and so much more!
Its so nice to see a female come up with a quirky urban style brand....theres just too many males in the industry. Please support her work guys, truly amazing!

How to enter:

Comment below simply explaining what 'Caykie Couture' means to you. You do not need to know any history of the brand, but I will attach some photos to give you guys more of an idea.


- Be as creative as possible, define the logo, symbols
- Does the brand remind you of any existing leading brands?
I won't give too much away, you have to come up with the rest yourself ;)

READ (Its Important):

- Entrants must include name & email in their entry

- Competition open to the UK only (sorry overseas readers, I will have something for you in the near future)

- Based on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

- Clothing comes in a range of sizes/UNISEX

- I will announce when the competition is closed, for now it is ongoing!

Good luck guys!

Caykie Couture snapback
Promo tees

Caykie Couture Jumper - other colours available

Like Caykie Couture on Facebook

P.S Keep on the look out for my lookbook for Caykie Couture. I'll be modelling some of this fabulousness! :)

Today's OOTD

Just threw something on quickly...nothing special but I love the leopard print!

Dinner - Rice & peas & stewed chicken

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

SO.... whilst in London, I was eager to learn how to cook EXACTLY like how my nan does and guess what I think this dish was about three points away from hers which makes me happy!
I won't go through the steps, but can I just say marinating chicken over night is just the best! I never do it and now I have every reason to.
My aim: To cook EXACTLY like my nan
My boyfriends verdict: "This food tastes like my nans!!"


Rice & peas, stewed chicken, salad and coleslaw

P.S If any one would like my grandma's recipe for this meal just give me an email!

Todays OOTDS

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hey guys,
Yes I know its been a week since my last post...but hey I was a little busy but now I'm back. I have a few posts planned so be sure to check them out!
Anyway todays post....OOTDS - (It's plural cause theres two)

Enjoy! xx

Platform Sandals Obsession

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Before I go to bed I thought I'd do another quick post, I am completely in love with these styled shoes!! I'm just fed up of 6" heels and thick wedges...I think these type of shoes have a certain kind of elegance that's is so simple yet so flawless. I said to my boyfriend a while back I'd like to replace my heel collection with these kinds of shoes but don't think he was too keen haha!

Zara - On sale

Zara - On sale
Rihanna is also often pictured wearing these shoes, I must say she does know how to work 'em!

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