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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Another hair post by a great line, Yes TLC Naturals (isn't the name just fab?)
Okay so I've been using three products from this line for about 3 days to see what changes I could see in my hair etc.
I love the self made labels by TLC Naturals and the products themselves. It gives me the impression that actual Tender Loving Care has gone into these products which I ℓ σνє
I will now go through each product one by one followed with some pictures.

Grow It Hair Cream (Stimulates Hair Growth, Length & Thickness) - Now for me, I will have to use this product some more before I can actually say "yes my hair is growing". I use the grow it hair cream twice daily, ensuring I apply to affected areas (front and back) and to the scalp. The smell of this product is so refreshing, its literally like toothpaste but for the hair! The hair cream smells of mint/herbs which again makes me feel a lot of time and effort has gone into the product and also makes me feel as if this will benefit my hair in the future. If you do not like minty scents, sorry to say this product is not for you as at times the smell can become overwhelming depending on how much time you spend on putting the product in your hair.

Shea Boab Nourishing Hair Oil (Nourishes the hair follicles and helps mend damaged ends) - Okay so this has to be one of my favourites! I love the smell, the consistency and the fact that the oil comes in a spray bottle which makes it easier to spread all over the hair. Often I have problems with too much oil pouring into my hand then having to put it all back causing a right mess of things! I love the way this oil conditions the hair and is not too oily!

Hibiscus Rose Moisturising Leave In conditioner (Rich enough to coat each strand , yet light enough to penetrate the hair follicles) - Now with this product I have found a great purpose, often my eco styler gel leaves my hair very hard, (where I mix my ouidad heat & humidity gel) I have found if I also add this to the product It makes my hair very soft. The leave in conditioner is also great for lengthening curls and I am sure this will work great with twist outs. This product is also said strengthen hair, Very excited to have these products in my  this space!

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Hope you all enjoyed this post...

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  1. TLC Naturals are a business without integrity - make a purchase with them at your own risk. I ordered a couple of items from them since 2nd January, and still haven't received them. Having chased the owner Paige three times quite politely, she's responded a couple of time to apologise, claim she's resent the items, promised a refund of postage/packaging costs - all lies that she hasn't done. I have never experienced something like this with any online retailer since my MANY years of online transactions. Look at the company's reviews on Etsy, you'll see similar complaints among the glowing reports, stating similar problems with TLC Naturals that I've had. As soon as I get a refund from my bank for the transaction, I'll be reporting TLC Naturals to Trading Standards. No matter how good the products might be, be warned that the hassle you'll potentially go through before you possibly receive your order may not be worth it.


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