So you want to go natural this Summer? 10 top tips!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Had enough of weaves? Is your hair damaged? Simply want to grow your tresses? on!!

Well I know what all of those questions feel like. Let me put it like this, I am NO hair expert...but I do know what works best for my hair and how to maintain it.
Here are a few top tips that I have learnt on my hair journey and some stuff that I still need to embrace.

1. Set yourself some objectives and work your way to new once your objectives are achieved. For example, my first objectives were to retain hair length, ensure my hair was healthy and to trim regularly to ensure all my split ends are gone (I'm still battling with this).

2. Try out various products - Never feel obligated to try products from a whole range and stick to those only! NO! You may find that a certain companies curling custard works great for you but there leave in doesn't. EXPLORE!!!

3. Cut down on using heat on your hair, I've gone from daily heat usage to perhaps once in a while. (My hair at the front is completely straight once again because of the recent weave I had wore). Please take this into consideration, straightening only causes harm to your hair.

4. Read the ingredients in your products!! when starting a healthy hair journey you need to understand that just because a company claims there products does this and that, it does not necessarily mean its true. You want to avoid harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, sulphurs the list goes on.

5. Research - there are many articles that will help you on your hair journey...even youtube videos that show you exactly how to maintain your hair. Learn all the natural hair lingo, interact with others and exchange tips.

6. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise, this is obvious...drink loads of water, exercise in the gym or at home at least twice a week.

7. Co wash - One method I have started to use is co washing. Co washing is simply washing the hair with conditioner only, for me I get the same clean fresh hair, my hair is soft and defined in curls and feels amazing! My staple product is Tresseme naturals.

8. People say that combing your hair breaks it all off and and swear by finger detangling only. Let me say I will detangle my hair to a certain extent and find that this way it pulls my hair out way more than combing/brushing does. Don't go by peoples rules, try out their methods see if they work for you and if not find an alternative. I love my wide tooth combs and brushes, you just have to know how to work with them!

9. Get mixing - yes coming up with your own hair remedies is one of the best ways to go about things. Oils, mayonnaise, fruits, eggs, honey you name it! I love doing this its so fun, and a great way to save money too.

10. Trim your hair once in a while - I won't set you a length in time because everyone is different. I've cut my hair twice in the past 6 months and trimmed twice yet I still spot some split ends. Whatever works best for you is all I have left to say.

Remember: Every ones hair is different, take on board what your hair stylist has to say to you. Evaluate your hair (and theirs), some of the time they are just trying to make more money out of you so be aware! Remember Summer is 'hair' so with heat use protectants, heat humidity gels etc to help protect your hair from the heat...especially if you are going to a HOT country.

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