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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I haven't blogged properly in ages I know guys, been so busy in London and away from a laptop, can you blame me?
Anyway as promised I have SOOOOOO much to tell you guys, I will be telling you everything bit by bit so I don't have one HUGE blog post (erm no thanks).

Today I am here to give you my thoughts on some Ouidad products I just started using. Would like to thank Gidore for sending me these.

Okay so yes the weave is out (Thank God). I've been so used to wearing my natural hair out, that when it was nearly time to take it out I just couldn't handle it anymore.
So... my mum helped me take out my hair and I wasn't happy cause my hair was obviously shedding while the weave was in (dramatic shedding) where I had three massive furballs in my hand at the end of the whole process. I wasn't a happy bunny. My hair was dry, it seemed broken and yep the front of my hair had lost its curl pattern after all the straightening.

Overall I wasn't happy with the way my hair looked, my hair was so weak the back and the front wouldn't slick properly...ah I wasn't happy at all. I'd conditioned my hair so much, using my HairVeda products I'd added moisture but those products were just sitting on my hair...my hair was not absorbing it all up like it usually did.
I decided to stop using HairVeda, simply because of the texture...my hands were always sticky (they need to work on this) and I was getting fed up of the smell.
Putting my hair in twists/bantu knots I was trying my best to regain all the moisture I once had and of course have my hair looking tip top again.


Ouidad botanical boost moisture infusing & refreshing spray - I really like this spray, it leaves curls shiny and moisturised..also detangles hair easily and refreshes. This product comes in a spray bottle which makes things so much easier as you dont have to worry about sticking your fingers down the bottle and is a liquidised format. Overall a 8/10.

Ouidad moisture lock - Leave-In conditioner - Oh I love this product, I love the way its consistency is normal...feels watery in your hair but still moisturises! This also defines curls, and apparently protects the hair from every day styling I guess. The squeezy bottle can get a bit annoying sometimes, but I'll ignore that for now. Another 8/10.

Ouidad climate control Heat & Humidity Gel - Okay this has to be something that has saved my hair life seriously. Remember I told you about my hair not slicking down? well guess what a dollop of this mixed with olive oil eco styler gel has worked wonders. The eco styler sometimes makes my hair feel hard which I hate and can be so hard to brush through. This product can also be used to reset the curl pattern but is not to be used with any heat just incase the title confuses you, its to prrotect from heat (aka sun). Overall 9/10.
Oh if any of you have the 'slicking down hair' problem please contact me I'd love to hear from you and know that I'm not the only one.

I'm yet to try the conditioner or shampoo (will only be co washing from now on).


Hope you are all well,

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