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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Usually I do a hair post followed by a fashion post....but I've been thinking about this all day!
Have you noticed a lot of the adverts on our televisions are of women , men and children with natural textured afro/curly hair?
You can really see the natural hair community is growing strong. Its great because it gives people the push to wear their natural hair out and of course for children it portrays the positives in having naturally kinky hair or any type for that matter.
We are often bombarded with adverts of women with straight hair or products that claim to tame frizz/curls rather than embrace it...its about time we recognise all the different types of hair all over the world!
Here are a few videos:

Freederm Commercial Ad
Rubicon Mango Ad
(I love the song)
Carex Advert

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