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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So I've come to a conclusion. I love my hair but its so difficult to maintain...you may be thinking "oh your hair is not as kinky as mine", but here me out. I have so many different textures in my hair (even 100% straight) and so many different lengths which I absolutely hate.
More to the point, I've decided today that I love buns...I was putting them off because when my hair is in its natural state the back is very hard to slick....giving me a very messy finished look. Just today I used my eco styler gel and mixed it with the TLC naturals leave-in conditioner, this seemed to have helped the back of my hair which is the kinkiest and shortest.

I haven't been happy with my hair curly for a while so I think its time for a change anyway. Doing updo styles is a great way to seal in ends and protect them against harsh weather conditions. Remember not to tie your hair too tight and upon taken the bun down...moisturise hair and wrap overnight!

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