Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Yessssss...its my birthday soon (two days guys..put that in your diary) and what am I doing? ermmmmm I have no idea.
Anyway my mr said to me he's gonna make it a 'tradition' to buy me presents/treat me the week leading up to my birthday (how fab?).

We didn't see eachother on Monday so that doesn't count but yesterday I received.....

Weird cause I've wanted these and he thought I'd hate them..but I totally love them, we also went for our last junk food meal. Wasn't really junkfood but hey presto know ones complaining!

Today, he bought me the flowery blazer and bag in the picture! Super cute...I really love everything in this picture the shoes on the right are not done any justice in this pic. They are of a creamy/yelow colour with yellow leaves on!

Since its my birthday this friday I made a naughty order two weeks back, (If any americans are reading this...this is like heaven to me so yes I'll brag about my goodies).
You ready........?

How YUM? I think the term for all of you would be 'well jel' am I correct? haha kidding, I absolutely love twizzlers and have seen this Arizona drink about! I'm yet to taste this stuff as I'm trying to keep to a healthy diet. I'll have this and that from time to time but who knows....birthday treats huh?

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