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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Usually I do a hair post followed by a fashion post....but I've been thinking about this all day!
Have you noticed a lot of the adverts on our televisions are of women , men and children with natural textured afro/curly hair?
You can really see the natural hair community is growing strong. Its great because it gives people the push to wear their natural hair out and of course for children it portrays the positives in having naturally kinky hair or any type for that matter.
We are often bombarded with adverts of women with straight hair or products that claim to tame frizz/curls rather than embrace it...its about time we recognise all the different types of hair all over the world!
Here are a few videos:

Freederm Commercial Ad
Rubicon Mango Ad
(I love the song)
Carex Advert

Let's talk updos

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So I've come to a conclusion. I love my hair but its so difficult to may be thinking "oh your hair is not as kinky as mine", but here me out. I have so many different textures in my hair (even 100% straight) and so many different lengths which I absolutely hate.
More to the point, I've decided today that I love buns...I was putting them off because when my hair is in its natural state the back is very hard to me a very messy finished look. Just today I used my eco styler gel and mixed it with the TLC naturals leave-in conditioner, this seemed to have helped the back of my hair which is the kinkiest and shortest.

I haven't been happy with my hair curly for a while so I think its time for a change anyway. Doing updo styles is a great way to seal in ends and protect them against harsh weather conditions. Remember not to tie your hair too tight and upon taken the bun down...moisturise hair and wrap overnight!

Lion necklaces - Cheaper Alternative

Sunday, 24 June 2012

So yesterday I did a post of a few things I wanted. On that list was a lion necklace by Melody Eshani. Me being me, I went on the hunt for a cheaper version and from someone based in the UK. Melody's jewellery has been seen on celebs such as Rihanna.

Although this necklace is not a spitting image of the one by Melody Eshani....Its just as good and if you're like me and not willing to pay $69 dollars for one of these necklaces...purchase this one instead!!

As seen on Leona Lewis
Live @ Hackney Weekend 2012

Ebay - £8.95
Click to buy

Zees wishlist

Ladies we all have one right? whether its that handbag you've been wanting all year or simply some high street goodies! Heres a few things I want/Need in my life (All fashion related).
Theres loads more but I'm tired and want to keep this post nice and short :)

Pastel Block Envelope Clutch
By Fascue
Platform wedge

Retro Skater Dress
By Romwe
John Zack
Midi Dress
 Midi Dress
Queen of the jungle necklace
By Melody Eshani

Motel Rocks
Jodie Jean

Nike Air Max

River Island
White Blazer

Art by Mcfreshcreates

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

So I came across this picture of me on tumblr which is really funny because last Summer this picture circulated all over tumblr...& it looks like this Summer It'll be the same thing only with the cartoon version. The top was originally an I love London tee, the shorts were of a different colour (from New look) and my nails were pointy. I like the way the artist has changed it up abit but has kept my shape! Overall great work.
WildFlower. -Mcfreshcreates
Click for site


Simple OOTD

Monday, 18 June 2012

So I nipped out to get some shopping quickly & thought I'd do a quick outfit of the day. Really simple but effective.
Shirt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Primark

Shirt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Earrings: Peacocks

I love navy & red together & love the way you can dress this outfit up or down so easily. I'd pair some wedges, a black clutch, black nails and some gold jewellery on a night out. 

Isis Outerspace

"For a woman looks into space and she knows there is no limited dimensions"

Okay so I'm loving zi clutch collection by Isis Outerspace! I came across their page via Black Girls Killing It's tumblr page (Hi Neil)....& must say I have fallen in absolute LOVE!

$25.00 - approximately £15.00
$5.00 - approximately £3 (This is a miniature clutch)

$40.00 - approximately £25.00

I'd love to see more from Isis, for example Galaxy print clutches and these numbers by Jimmy Choo:

Make sure you have a look at their website and get ordering, You can't afford to miss out on these great designs!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Browsing through grazia magazine, I had come across this site that I have heard of before but never actually visited.
Can we just say shoe heaven.......?
I love the wedges they have to offer, simply amazing.
Satchell wedge - £39.95 (featured in Grazia magazine)
Kiara wedge - £39.95
Carell wedge - £41.95
Carell wedge - £41.95

Cornelia wedge - £41.95

So you want to go natural this Summer? 10 top tips!

Had enough of weaves? Is your hair damaged? Simply want to grow your tresses? on!!

Well I know what all of those questions feel like. Let me put it like this, I am NO hair expert...but I do know what works best for my hair and how to maintain it.
Here are a few top tips that I have learnt on my hair journey and some stuff that I still need to embrace.

1. Set yourself some objectives and work your way to new once your objectives are achieved. For example, my first objectives were to retain hair length, ensure my hair was healthy and to trim regularly to ensure all my split ends are gone (I'm still battling with this).

2. Try out various products - Never feel obligated to try products from a whole range and stick to those only! NO! You may find that a certain companies curling custard works great for you but there leave in doesn't. EXPLORE!!!

3. Cut down on using heat on your hair, I've gone from daily heat usage to perhaps once in a while. (My hair at the front is completely straight once again because of the recent weave I had wore). Please take this into consideration, straightening only causes harm to your hair.

4. Read the ingredients in your products!! when starting a healthy hair journey you need to understand that just because a company claims there products does this and that, it does not necessarily mean its true. You want to avoid harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, sulphurs the list goes on.

5. Research - there are many articles that will help you on your hair journey...even youtube videos that show you exactly how to maintain your hair. Learn all the natural hair lingo, interact with others and exchange tips.

6. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise, this is obvious...drink loads of water, exercise in the gym or at home at least twice a week.

7. Co wash - One method I have started to use is co washing. Co washing is simply washing the hair with conditioner only, for me I get the same clean fresh hair, my hair is soft and defined in curls and feels amazing! My staple product is Tresseme naturals.

8. People say that combing your hair breaks it all off and and swear by finger detangling only. Let me say I will detangle my hair to a certain extent and find that this way it pulls my hair out way more than combing/brushing does. Don't go by peoples rules, try out their methods see if they work for you and if not find an alternative. I love my wide tooth combs and brushes, you just have to know how to work with them!

9. Get mixing - yes coming up with your own hair remedies is one of the best ways to go about things. Oils, mayonnaise, fruits, eggs, honey you name it! I love doing this its so fun, and a great way to save money too.

10. Trim your hair once in a while - I won't set you a length in time because everyone is different. I've cut my hair twice in the past 6 months and trimmed twice yet I still spot some split ends. Whatever works best for you is all I have left to say.

Remember: Every ones hair is different, take on board what your hair stylist has to say to you. Evaluate your hair (and theirs), some of the time they are just trying to make more money out of you so be aware! Remember Summer is 'hair' so with heat use protectants, heat humidity gels etc to help protect your hair from the heat...especially if you are going to a HOT country.

Primark AW12

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Okay so I stepped in Primark the other day and I must say they do have a few good pieces (considering the one near me is quiet small.)
Thanks to I can reveal to you Primarks Autumn/Winter 12 collection.
Here are some of my faves:

Blazer - £15 (Great bargain that I have to get)

Necklace - £8

Faux fur biker jacket - N/A
Pencil Skirt - £10.00

Top - £10.00 (also has a mesh back....hmmm)

Cuban heel - £20.00

Tote - £12.00

Some great items Primark have, be sure to grab some of their items before they're all gone!!

TLC Naturals

Another hair post by a great line, Yes TLC Naturals (isn't the name just fab?)
Okay so I've been using three products from this line for about 3 days to see what changes I could see in my hair etc.
I love the self made labels by TLC Naturals and the products themselves. It gives me the impression that actual Tender Loving Care has gone into these products which I ℓ σνє
I will now go through each product one by one followed with some pictures.

Grow It Hair Cream (Stimulates Hair Growth, Length & Thickness) - Now for me, I will have to use this product some more before I can actually say "yes my hair is growing". I use the grow it hair cream twice daily, ensuring I apply to affected areas (front and back) and to the scalp. The smell of this product is so refreshing, its literally like toothpaste but for the hair! The hair cream smells of mint/herbs which again makes me feel a lot of time and effort has gone into the product and also makes me feel as if this will benefit my hair in the future. If you do not like minty scents, sorry to say this product is not for you as at times the smell can become overwhelming depending on how much time you spend on putting the product in your hair.

Shea Boab Nourishing Hair Oil (Nourishes the hair follicles and helps mend damaged ends) - Okay so this has to be one of my favourites! I love the smell, the consistency and the fact that the oil comes in a spray bottle which makes it easier to spread all over the hair. Often I have problems with too much oil pouring into my hand then having to put it all back causing a right mess of things! I love the way this oil conditions the hair and is not too oily!

Hibiscus Rose Moisturising Leave In conditioner (Rich enough to coat each strand , yet light enough to penetrate the hair follicles) - Now with this product I have found a great purpose, often my eco styler gel leaves my hair very hard, (where I mix my ouidad heat & humidity gel) I have found if I also add this to the product It makes my hair very soft. The leave in conditioner is also great for lengthening curls and I am sure this will work great with twist outs. This product is also said strengthen hair, Very excited to have these products in my  this space!

Like TLC Naturals on Facebook HERE
Buy Products HERE
Hope you all enjoyed this post...

Birthday's over

Isn't it sad when the clock hits 11:59pm and you realise that it will take another year for that special day to come again?
Yeah thats how I felt at 11:59pm!

It was my 20th and I didn't do much, simply because its the same thing year in year out where I would have just done the same thing as usual, go out to eat or something like that.
Anyway I've received some wonderful gifts (thanks everyone) Esp the ones from my mr totally amazing....I love my new camera


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Yessssss...its my birthday soon (two days guys..put that in your diary) and what am I doing? ermmmmm I have no idea.
Anyway my mr said to me he's gonna make it a 'tradition' to buy me presents/treat me the week leading up to my birthday (how fab?).

We didn't see eachother on Monday so that doesn't count but yesterday I received.....

Weird cause I've wanted these and he thought I'd hate them..but I totally love them, we also went for our last junk food meal. Wasn't really junkfood but hey presto know ones complaining!

Today, he bought me the flowery blazer and bag in the picture! Super cute...I really love everything in this picture the shoes on the right are not done any justice in this pic. They are of a creamy/yelow colour with yellow leaves on!

Since its my birthday this friday I made a naughty order two weeks back, (If any americans are reading this...this is like heaven to me so yes I'll brag about my goodies).
You ready........?

How YUM? I think the term for all of you would be 'well jel' am I correct? haha kidding, I absolutely love twizzlers and have seen this Arizona drink about! I'm yet to taste this stuff as I'm trying to keep to a healthy diet. I'll have this and that from time to time but who knows....birthday treats huh?

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