Great weather, Weave & Curly hair

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I just can't seem to get over the warm weather...Its just absolutely beautiful. However, there is no beach where I am located which makes it just super hot and sticky on the hottest days.
This is  the part where I wished I lived in America (hating on you all)...

Moving on, so as you know I've been wearing a weave for about a month now..its had its perks but I'm so over wearing hair that is not mine. I seriously don't know how I did it last year (wearing weaves all summer) but I just can't handle it this time round.

Weave 101
So when I first got my hair done it was lovely and silky for the first two weeks, having used heat and products such as hair holding spray for photoshoots I completely ruined the weave. It became natty, hard to comb through and was just a HOT mess.
The other day I was so annoyed with how limp it became that I felt like I wanted to take it out...I resisted and decided that I would take some good care of it.
So the night before I wanted to style the weave, I sprayed my scalp with water, conditioner and olive oil (mixed together). This took away all the product build up on my scalp and enabled my hair to breathe (ohh thank God). I have some hair left out at the front so I also washed that and left it to air dry.
The next day it was styling time, I sectioned the hair into about 4 sections, combing the hair thoroughly using heat protector serum. My own hair at the front instantly felt soft after my wash and I was much happier. I straightened the sections of the hair but the ends of the weave were still dull, limp just simply lifeless. I decided to trim the ends of the weave and tadaaaaaa... my hair was as good as new (seriously).

Having not had a weave since December 2011, I had forgotten how to take ultimate care of my weave. I believe that there are different procedures/products you have to use in comparasion to natural hair.
I love how beautiful weaves make you look, but its not worth the money and itching in my point of view!

Curly hair - I miss you
Okay so I've been thinking about my curls ever so much, like I actually miss spending all that time on styling my hair..playing with it and slicking it back (I can't do that right now). Its so nice having your natural hair out, I feel like I'm in some kind of hair prison right now :(.

Just want to thank Gidore & Organic Root Stimulator for sending me some products to look forward to when my hair is out of the weave...
I seriously can't wait to try these products (yes I've turned into the ultimate junkie).

BTW I've just hit my 5th month 'healthy hair journey' mark, I'll have to do something special half way through!
Its been so much fun learning about my hair and the stuff I can do with it...Theres so much more to come!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, cause I sure enjoyed writing it :D

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