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Friday, 11 May 2012

Okay so for the past week or so I have been eating well simply because I want to feel and look better.
I did cheat yesterday I had mcd's...but I worked it off at the gym today and I feel so great!!
I was going to the gym ALOT two months ago but lost all motivation but now its back!

I'll be doing an hour or two sessions in my gym, and I will keep track of my progress through pictures and posts. I am not what they call a 'clean eater' I love chocolates, the odd takeaway and so fourth!
To kick snacking habits, I have ordered a graze box which will come to me weekly. It has healthy nutritous options such as flapjacks, nuts, dried fruits olives and so many other things.

I have loads of codes for you guys to get a FREE box, feel free to contact me for one (you will be required to set up payment details but will only be charged after your first free box).
Visit: www.graze.com for more details

ANYWAY, heres some pictures from what I've eaten today.

 Lunch: Grilled chicken breast seasoned with a pinch of salt black pepper, garlic paste and pesto sauce. Pasta with pesto sauce and mixed salad with vinegar and olives.
Snack: Not so healthy, but my efforts of making a starbucks frap! Ingredients: Milk, Ice, Hot chocolate powder, and caramel sauce.

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