Great weather, Weave & Curly hair

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I just can't seem to get over the warm weather...Its just absolutely beautiful. However, there is no beach where I am located which makes it just super hot and sticky on the hottest days.
This is  the part where I wished I lived in America (hating on you all)...

Moving on, so as you know I've been wearing a weave for about a month now..its had its perks but I'm so over wearing hair that is not mine. I seriously don't know how I did it last year (wearing weaves all summer) but I just can't handle it this time round.

Weave 101
So when I first got my hair done it was lovely and silky for the first two weeks, having used heat and products such as hair holding spray for photoshoots I completely ruined the weave. It became natty, hard to comb through and was just a HOT mess.
The other day I was so annoyed with how limp it became that I felt like I wanted to take it out...I resisted and decided that I would take some good care of it.
So the night before I wanted to style the weave, I sprayed my scalp with water, conditioner and olive oil (mixed together). This took away all the product build up on my scalp and enabled my hair to breathe (ohh thank God). I have some hair left out at the front so I also washed that and left it to air dry.
The next day it was styling time, I sectioned the hair into about 4 sections, combing the hair thoroughly using heat protector serum. My own hair at the front instantly felt soft after my wash and I was much happier. I straightened the sections of the hair but the ends of the weave were still dull, limp just simply lifeless. I decided to trim the ends of the weave and tadaaaaaa... my hair was as good as new (seriously).

Having not had a weave since December 2011, I had forgotten how to take ultimate care of my weave. I believe that there are different procedures/products you have to use in comparasion to natural hair.
I love how beautiful weaves make you look, but its not worth the money and itching in my point of view!

Curly hair - I miss you
Okay so I've been thinking about my curls ever so much, like I actually miss spending all that time on styling my hair..playing with it and slicking it back (I can't do that right now). Its so nice having your natural hair out, I feel like I'm in some kind of hair prison right now :(.

Just want to thank Gidore & Organic Root Stimulator for sending me some products to look forward to when my hair is out of the weave...
I seriously can't wait to try these products (yes I've turned into the ultimate junkie).

BTW I've just hit my 5th month 'healthy hair journey' mark, I'll have to do something special half way through!
Its been so much fun learning about my hair and the stuff I can do with it...Theres so much more to come!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, cause I sure enjoyed writing it :D


Friday, 25 May 2012

Right, I've been kept on my toes with all these shoots travelling to london, manchester keeping it within the town I live in and so fourth.

Today I had an outdoor shoot with IJG photography, great guy and an amazing photographer. The location was fab, there was railway tracks not in use, leaning trees and great hills! No samples of this one but you will be seeing some pictures soon!

The other shoot I did was for Mash Photo with the help of the lovely Bim (MUA), Had such a lovely time with both of these guys made me feel very welcomed where the day was full of laughter!

No break for me at all, still have a few more to come so will keep you updated!
This is just a quick overview of everything...blahblahblah hppe you guys are enjoying the sun ;)

How nice is this weather?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Well you know what I'm in need of right....A big fat fanta frozen from vue cinema. They are the ultimate cure for this type of weather, but since I'm at home I think I'll stick to my home made frapps.

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying the weather, I'm relaxed at home at the mo with the balcony door open waiting for eastenders.
Oh btw heres a little preview of my shoot on sunday!

Manchester Tomorrow

Saturday, 19 May 2012

So tomorrow I'm off to manchester to see the lovely Paige....I've had this booked for ages now so super duper excited to see her!
Something else is in store...but I won't spill the beans yet lovelies!

Happy saturday

Lets talk beauty boxes/free samples

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

So lately I've been doing some research on these beauty boxes, I've been eyeing up the shesaid beauty box and the glossybox. I've heard great reviews on both, also some negative comments but wasn't too sure which one to get so I ordered both :P.
Both boxes are a monthly subscription where you sign up with your details and receive a box full of miniature products each month. What's good about these boxes is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, so for example if I didn't like my boxes I'd cancel and wouldn't have to pay for any more boxes (wahey).
I love these kind of gifts/surprises, you may even receive products that you would never consider buying because of the price etc.

The glossybox costs: £10 + p&p which is £2.95

The shesaidbeauty box costs: £9 + p&p which I think is £2.95

I have done some research for you guys and got some discounts for your FIRST beauty boxes:
Shesaidbeautybox: enter SSB25OFF upon checkout
Glossybox: enter SAVOOGBP3 upon checkout

Part 2 of this blog post is about free samples.
I've been doing some research on beauty samples for us ladies (woohoo), I have ordered a few free samples with one already received.
If you're like me and absolutely LOVE free samples you'll love my blog post on free things that I have received! (look out for this one) :)

Photoshoot fresh?

Monday, 14 May 2012

So lately I've taken a keen interest in taking photos of myself. Before I couldn't care less and would avoid any photoshoot that came my way (lol). Now I absolutely love being in front of the camera, trying to get as many projects as I can now that I have a bit of spare time!

Todays buy

So today I had to sort some things out and stopped buy primark just for some simple stuff. I came across this shirt which I loved..and guess what, was only a fiver! :)

Fab right?

Exercising & Healthy eating.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Okay so for the past week or so I have been eating well simply because I want to feel and look better.
I did cheat yesterday I had mcd's...but I worked it off at the gym today and I feel so great!!
I was going to the gym ALOT two months ago but lost all motivation but now its back!

I'll be doing an hour or two sessions in my gym, and I will keep track of my progress through pictures and posts. I am not what they call a 'clean eater' I love chocolates, the odd takeaway and so fourth!
To kick snacking habits, I have ordered a graze box which will come to me weekly. It has healthy nutritous options such as flapjacks, nuts, dried fruits olives and so many other things.

I have loads of codes for you guys to get a FREE box, feel free to contact me for one (you will be required to set up payment details but will only be charged after your first free box).
Visit: for more details

ANYWAY, heres some pictures from what I've eaten today.

 Lunch: Grilled chicken breast seasoned with a pinch of salt black pepper, garlic paste and pesto sauce. Pasta with pesto sauce and mixed salad with vinegar and olives.
Snack: Not so healthy, but my efforts of making a starbucks frap! Ingredients: Milk, Ice, Hot chocolate powder, and caramel sauce.

Herbal essences - Tousle me softly collection

So exams and assignments over, what a great feeling. This means I can focus on my blog and other interests.
Anyway about a week and a half ago I went to the gym in my town with a friend (Hi siobhan), where I used the swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. I think we stayed there for about 2 hours, it was that much fun.
Anyway, after all that time your most probably think oooh what happened to her hair? Well...let me tell you.
My hair was SOOOOOO dry, like this dryness I've never seen curl definition was lost, my hair was hair was just a hot mess.
So after the pool, we went for a meal and when I got home I knew exactly where I was heading for...THE SHOWER!
I usually use Tresemme Naturals but I thought I'd change it up a bit, just to see if I would see any changes in my hair.

Products used:
Herbal essences - tousle me softly intensive waves mask.
Herbal essences - tousle me soflty shampoo with wild violet & pomegranate extracts
Herbal essences - tousle me soflty conditioner with wild violet & pomegranate extracts

So before doing my weekly shampoo and condition, I let the mask sit in my hair for 5 minutes and wow, my hair was ridiculously soft. I didn't even wanna shampoo (perhaps I should have done the shampoo before) but I just wanted a cleaner feeling. The shampoo did not strip my hair at all which I liked, and so I conditioned with the conditoner and exactly the same as the mask. Left my hair feeling great

The whole set cost me about £10 which is great, I'll still be using my tresemme conditioner but that will be more for my wash and go's.
Oh I almost forgot, I added some almond oil to the shampoo just for extra moisture..After my hair dried..I used my Hair Veda products which you know I love.

My overall rating of these products would be an 9/10, can't really fault these products. Would have loved to see more definition in my 'swirls' but apart from that I really love herbal essences. There is a few different products in this range to suit all hair types, what you waiting for? Make a purchase!
Click to purchase

Amazonian Woman

Thursday, 10 May 2012

So guys forgive me for not posting much as I should! Been really busy lately, Today's my last assignment hand in.....I am sooooooooooooo happy! :D

More to the point. So last week I found myself in the hands of the lovely Amazonian ladies...I had been one of the three lucky ladies picked to represent their brand which I was over the moon about.
All of the models had two looks each, where there were two make up stylists who did some great make up on us. So we had our make up done and we all looked like these mysterious amazonian women.
The photographer was great helping us loosen up a bit (haha), and the Amazonian ladies were amazing welcoming us with food/drink, outfits and happy faces.
I had such a lovely day meeting some wonderful are a few pics, (professional ones coming soon) ENJOY!

Amazonian Woman make up brand - strong, sexy and independent.
Join the facebook page

Many thanks to Eva, Mary & Nat 

Catch up!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Okay so I've been in London for a few days and not been able to post properly as I don't have my laptop my with me! Posts coming real soon though :D

Under the weather

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oh so lately I've been feeling really bad, super ill. It seems like I just get ill all the time. First with the flu then I had a tummy bug yesterday which was awful.
I think its mainly due to my diet, I was eating really good the past few months then I suddenly had this urge for junk food. So I've been eating REALLY bad lately and it has had such a bad effect on me...
Since I detoxed my body yesterday I'm going to try my hardest to eat well. No more nandos for a long time, only as a treat!

Thank God I am better now, I would not wish that feeling I had yesterday on anybody.
Healthy eating + exercise?! Sounds so obvious but yes it does lead to a better lifestyle. I'll be back to gyming and healthy eating from now on :)

Busy bee

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Okay so lately I've been really busy, earling mornings, long days out in London at the moment and everything is just hectic with exams and assignments.
I'll do my best to post as much as I can.....Oh btw guys I have new hair.
YES...The extensions are back in. First things first, some of you might me thinking "well I thought she was on a healthy hair journey?"
I'm still on a healthy hair journey and think I will be for the rest of my life. My hair in weave is 'protective styling' where my hair is able to soak up its natural oils and is not suffering from me over manipulating my hair.
Hope I get some major growth with this, go me! :)

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