Sweet treats!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Soo guys, I have some treats for you! Yes you read the title, sweet treats..(how cute does that sound?)
Not to eat or anything but to wear, pretty cool huh?
Sounds like I'm teasing you with all this chit chat...so heres a snap!
You like? I hope! My inspiration for these pieces came from my love of sweets and sweet things (post coming soon haha) and many online boutiques and other sellers!
These rings are something different, you know I love my vintage shorts and that type of fashion but my oh my its EVERYWHERE a great trend but I have to come up with something really different to be amazing!

Anyway these rings are £6 inc p&p, chains and necklaces will follow soon! Email me at Zainebdevin17@hotmail.com


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