Pantene Pro what?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Okay..I've realised that I always start off my blog with an 'Okay' and figured I need to change it up abit! lol suggestions are welcome!

This post is on the shampoo pantene pro v!
Okay...(said it again) so while I was in edinburgh visiting my dad I noticed he had some bottles of the same shampoo. My dad saw me looking at them and was like ohh I bought these for everyone they were £2.50 a bottle (for 500ml) which is fairly cheap. I clearly said "No its okay dad, I don't use that shampoo"...I took a look at the back read the ingredients and yes indeed it had its sulfates, acids etc. SO I thought no point in taking them. Of course this didn't matter because my tresseme shampoo has the exact same ingredients (I don't use a sulfate free shampoo because when I wash my hair I like it to be really clean).

Moving on;
About three days ago I washed my hair and ran out of tresemme shampoo but had some conditioner left. My hair obviously needed washing so I used the pantente pro-v shampoo. A day later I felt how dry my hair was (like really disgustingly dry) I was confused cause I did my mayo treatment and conditioned twice after washing the shampoo out.
Lets just say my hair is still quiet dry which I'm not happy with but I won't be using this shampoo again, its not for me.
I love the TRESemm√® line and will stick to that! I've been using that since december 2011 and have no idea why I changed.
I guess its part of a learning curve?
Trial and error! :)

Have you come into contact with any hair products that didn't work for you? Let me know!

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