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Saturday, 28 April 2012

So the other day I was doing some research on hair products to come across I was so excited because many other British suppliers don't have such a large range like british curlies!
Having spent so many hours doing my research I figured some of the products were expensive and out of my range so thought I'd give up.

To my knowledge I gave the researching a break and came back to it to find a range by 'HairVeda' I had a look at their products (packaging, sizes, pricing and ingredients) and also youtubed some reviews, most of the reviews I came across were good with the odd person who didn't like their products.
I decided to purchase the Hair Veda set which included the whipped hydration, whipped clouds, herbal green tea and whipped Gelly. All of this came to a total of £25.38 including posting and packaging. My order came within three days where the lovely ladies at British curlies added a sample to my box! (Thank you) :)
Anyway upon receiving my items, I had a good smell of everything, tried everything to see if my hair took to it and well it did!
Okay so all the products that I have been using previously are great, but nothing moisturises my hair well (except from my treacle honey mix). Yesterday my hair was really dry so decided to put my hair in twists using the whipped clouds. I don't think this is the most popular product from HairVeda, but so far its my favourite product of ALL time! The only thing I didn't like was the sticky like texture it left on my hand, such a small issue so it didn't bother me too much. I love the smell of Hair Veda's products, reminds me of the caribbean and the texture looks like a thick whipped cream icecream...YUM!
Some of you may know that I absolutely hate twist outs, I think they just make my hair look really flat dull and boring!
More to the point; So I woke up this morning had my shower got dressed did some cleaning then took my hair out of the twists. I looked in the mirror and thought yeah twists outs are definitely not for me.....Left it to hang for a bit did my my make up, fluffed my hair out added some whipped gelly to my edges and poof RESULTS
(This picture was just taken an hour ago so my hair has been messed up a bit).
I've never worn a twist out OUT, I absolutely love it...I would definitely recommend HairVeda to a friend!
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Get purchasing! :)

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