Friday, 20 April 2012

C r a z y A b o u t C a n d y!!

Okay so as you may or may not know right now I'm crazy about candy coloured items! I've put together a few things that I like and for you guys to buy
1) Motel New Zoe Body in Tropical Butterfly Print £22 Click here 

You can purchase the shorts here: Click here

2) Boohoo pink skater dress £20: Click here

3) I purchased these jeans the other day, these are a cheaper alternative to motels skinny striped jordan jean:
Buy me

4) These heels are cute! Click me :D
5) I saw these yesterday absolutely love them only £12 Click here
6) Nails: These can be found at www.superdrug.com
Barry Nail Paint Peach MelbaBarry M Nail Paint 317 Pale Blue

7) I think I'm in love with pinks! This is a pink blazer have a look --> Click me

This is just is just a little post of the pastels I'm diggin! Hope you like it :)

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