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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Okay so you open up your wardrobe today..infact any day and you see so much clothes/shoes/random things you don't use.
What comes to mind? "Oh I'll save them for next year, I'll most probably use them" or "ahh these things are pretty useless..may as well bin it" etc.
Well I say why save things you know you're not gonna wear? why bin things you know other people will want or need?

I have a few unwanted stuff sitting in my wardrobe at my house and TONNES of clothes and shoes sitting at my mums house! What do I say?! EBAY it or  give to charity... Its nice to give to people that are more needy and nice to make a bit of cash on the side!

I mean its coming up to summer now so I think its right to get in the mindset of decluttering my house and making a few bob to fund certain projects!
Anyway, I'll be selling a few bits on ebay these few months so look out for that..I'll post the link up once I have them listed so keep a look out for that, heres a sneek peek of what I'll be selling!

Thanks for reading :)

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