Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hey guys just to let you know I have a facebook and twitter page which you can now join!
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Hope you join both my pages, look forward to hearing from you! :)

Hair Veda

Saturday, 28 April 2012

So the other day I was doing some research on hair products to come across I was so excited because many other British suppliers don't have such a large range like british curlies!
Having spent so many hours doing my research I figured some of the products were expensive and out of my range so thought I'd give up.

To my knowledge I gave the researching a break and came back to it to find a range by 'HairVeda' I had a look at their products (packaging, sizes, pricing and ingredients) and also youtubed some reviews, most of the reviews I came across were good with the odd person who didn't like their products.
I decided to purchase the Hair Veda set which included the whipped hydration, whipped clouds, herbal green tea and whipped Gelly. All of this came to a total of £25.38 including posting and packaging. My order came within three days where the lovely ladies at British curlies added a sample to my box! (Thank you) :)
Anyway upon receiving my items, I had a good smell of everything, tried everything to see if my hair took to it and well it did!
Okay so all the products that I have been using previously are great, but nothing moisturises my hair well (except from my treacle honey mix). Yesterday my hair was really dry so decided to put my hair in twists using the whipped clouds. I don't think this is the most popular product from HairVeda, but so far its my favourite product of ALL time! The only thing I didn't like was the sticky like texture it left on my hand, such a small issue so it didn't bother me too much. I love the smell of Hair Veda's products, reminds me of the caribbean and the texture looks like a thick whipped cream icecream...YUM!
Some of you may know that I absolutely hate twist outs, I think they just make my hair look really flat dull and boring!
More to the point; So I woke up this morning had my shower got dressed did some cleaning then took my hair out of the twists. I looked in the mirror and thought yeah twists outs are definitely not for me.....Left it to hang for a bit did my my make up, fluffed my hair out added some whipped gelly to my edges and poof RESULTS
(This picture was just taken an hour ago so my hair has been messed up a bit).
I've never worn a twist out OUT, I absolutely love it...I would definitely recommend HairVeda to a friend!
Also like Hair Veda on facebook by clicking here

Get purchasing! :)

More sweet treats!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Didn't think I'd stop there huh?
Well no I didn't, I have some more treats for you guys
Purchase here rings range from £5-6!

Pantene Pro what?

Okay..I've realised that I always start off my blog with an 'Okay' and figured I need to change it up abit! lol suggestions are welcome!

This post is on the shampoo pantene pro v!
Okay...(said it again) so while I was in edinburgh visiting my dad I noticed he had some bottles of the same shampoo. My dad saw me looking at them and was like ohh I bought these for everyone they were £2.50 a bottle (for 500ml) which is fairly cheap. I clearly said "No its okay dad, I don't use that shampoo"...I took a look at the back read the ingredients and yes indeed it had its sulfates, acids etc. SO I thought no point in taking them. Of course this didn't matter because my tresseme shampoo has the exact same ingredients (I don't use a sulfate free shampoo because when I wash my hair I like it to be really clean).

Moving on;
About three days ago I washed my hair and ran out of tresemme shampoo but had some conditioner left. My hair obviously needed washing so I used the pantente pro-v shampoo. A day later I felt how dry my hair was (like really disgustingly dry) I was confused cause I did my mayo treatment and conditioned twice after washing the shampoo out.
Lets just say my hair is still quiet dry which I'm not happy with but I won't be using this shampoo again, its not for me.
I love the TRESemm√® line and will stick to that! I've been using that since december 2011 and have no idea why I changed.
I guess its part of a learning curve?
Trial and error! :)

Have you come into contact with any hair products that didn't work for you? Let me know!

Sweet treats!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Soo guys, I have some treats for you! Yes you read the title, sweet treats..(how cute does that sound?)
Not to eat or anything but to wear, pretty cool huh?
Sounds like I'm teasing you with all this chit heres a snap!
You like? I hope! My inspiration for these pieces came from my love of sweets and sweet things (post coming soon haha) and many online boutiques and other sellers!
These rings are something different, you know I love my vintage shorts and that type of fashion but my oh my its EVERYWHERE a great trend but I have to come up with something really different to be amazing!

Anyway these rings are £6 inc p&p, chains and necklaces will follow soon! Email me at



Friday, 20 April 2012

Okay so today some of my stock arrived for some of the jewellery I'll be making! Can I just say WOW! You guys are going to love it :D

Keep posted on my blog, I'll have a preview of what is to come soooooooooooon! :)


C r a z y A b o u t C a n d y!!

Okay so as you may or may not know right now I'm crazy about candy coloured items! I've put together a few things that I like and for you guys to buy
1) Motel New Zoe Body in Tropical Butterfly Print £22 Click here 

You can purchase the shorts here: Click here

2) Boohoo pink skater dress £20: Click here

3) I purchased these jeans the other day, these are a cheaper alternative to motels skinny striped jordan jean:
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4) These heels are cute! Click me :D
5) I saw these yesterday absolutely love them only £12 Click here
6) Nails: These can be found at
Barry Nail Paint Peach MelbaBarry M Nail Paint 317 Pale Blue

7) I think I'm in love with pinks! This is a pink blazer have a look --> Click me

This is just is just a little post of the pastels I'm diggin! Hope you like it :)

Hair update

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This post is three weeks old and extracted from my tumblr! I have decided to re-post this as people who read my tumblr page will more thank likely check for updates on here instead of there and also not all my readers use tumblr so I want to give everybody a chance to read my posts.

As you guys know I’m on a natural hair/healthy hair journey….thought I’d update quickly cause theres a LOT of change in my hair.
Okay first of all, to monitor and analyse hair changes I capture what my hair looks like at least every week and keep a diary of what products I’m using and what products I’ve stopped using, my hair wash date and treatment dates.
As you know my healthy hair journey consists of minimal heat. Since december 2011 I’ve straightened my hair about 3 times (including my trip to the hairdressers).
Curl pattern
Since I don’t straighten my hair much I’ve noticed my curl pattern change, I have SOOO much curl definition and my curls drop nicely. (My hair is of a kinky texture so I do have to go through a process to get it curly). Once I have spritzed my hair with olive oil, water and conditoner I add some eco styler gel (olive oil hold:10) to give me even more curl definition.
Castor oil treatment
Now people may say that this is a myth but since using castor oil I have seen my hair thicken up quiet quickly, if you follow these steps maybe you will see results too? Good luck!
  1. Using your fingertips, apply high quality castor oil to your roots and scalp.
  2. Make sure that you distribute the oil evenly on the scalp.
  3. Do your best to avoid the oil fro getting into your hair as its thick consistency may be hard to wash out.
  4. After applying it to your scalp, cover your hair with a plastic cap and wrap it in a towel.
  5. Let the oil stay in your hair for at least 15 to 20 minutes or allow it to set overnight.
  6. Wash it out with shampoo after to remove the castor oil.
  7. Do this once a week for 6-8 weeks to see the results.

I recently received Carol’s Daughter hair pomade sent to me by the lovely people @ gidore hair…and wow I must say I love this product! Its great at moisturising and all you need is a dab so a little really does go a long way. I have whipped up a product of my own which is VERY similar to this and uber easy to make!

Kitchen products
Now I’ve turned into a right 100% natural kitchen hair product lover lol! Any fruits, bits and bobs that work with my hair I LOOOVE! Okay so one thing I whipped up was Mayo, Banana and honey as a leave in conditoner, I must say I loved it and the feeling of my hair but hated the banana in my hair…I’ll never be using that again.
Mayo & honey have become my two favourite hair products, when I wash my hair I noticed the mayo almost straightenes my hair whilst in the shower!
Tryna keep this post short and sweet hehe, hope you’re all doing good on your healthy hair journeys…I’ll be setting myself some challenges that you can all follow in months to come.

Her name is paige, paige paris!

Okay so let me just tell you about page paris...
She's this pretty young thing, who has an  amazing personality! Love her so much!

I'm visiting her in may and let me just say I battled a hard battle to get those train tickets, gave me a bloomin headache but I told pige "nothings gonna stop me"!
After sitting online, going to the bank, calling the train line services I managed to get my tickets (waheey)
So I'll be in Manchester in May to see her and for another reason but I won't say what it is just yet.

Be sure to check out her blog guys, she is also on a healthy hair journey but has European hair. If any of you have the same type of hair be sure to check her blog out and follow her on her journey! Also check out her tutorials, tips and day to day posts! They're pretty interesting!

Oooh may I add she is the one who encouraged me to create my site, hehe! Okay so make sure you check her out

Just look at how beautiful she is, Love you Paige xoxo

Bag a bargain?

Okay so you open up your wardrobe today..infact any day and you see so much clothes/shoes/random things you don't use.
What comes to mind? "Oh I'll save them for next year, I'll most probably use them" or "ahh these things are pretty useless..may as well bin it" etc.
Well I say why save things you know you're not gonna wear? why bin things you know other people will want or need?

I have a few unwanted stuff sitting in my wardrobe at my house and TONNES of clothes and shoes sitting at my mums house! What do I say?! EBAY it or  give to charity... Its nice to give to people that are more needy and nice to make a bit of cash on the side!

I mean its coming up to summer now so I think its right to get in the mindset of decluttering my house and making a few bob to fund certain projects!
Anyway, I'll be selling a few bits on ebay these few months so look out for that..I'll post the link up once I have them listed so keep a look out for that, heres a sneek peek of what I'll be selling!

Thanks for reading :)

Galaxy nails!

Monday, 16 April 2012

So the other day I created some cute galaxy print nails. I've been doing this style since last summer and thought now is the perfect time to recreate them!
Would you like to create some cute nails like this too? no sweat, follow these simple steps!

You will need:
- A piece of sponge
- A dark base colour, and some galaxy looking colours (I decided to go with orange, yellow and white) you will also need a thin brush white nail varnish (or a toothpick for the dots) and some glitter!
- Paper
- Top coat
- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton bud
Step 1
The first step is to paint your nails a dark base colour, I used nail paint by Barry M which is a navy blue shade (colour 155). Let your nails dry for 3 minutes.
Step 2
You will need your colours, paper and sponge for this step. 1) Using your piece of paper pour your chosen colours in seperate spaces (so they do not mix). Dab your sponge part in one of your colours, then dab slighty on your piece of paper until the sponge feels sticky and almost sticks to the paper. This is so that when the colour is applied it isn't applied too thick. Repeat with all colours and all nails until you have the 'galaxy effect'.
Step 3
Once you are done with step two, ensure your nails are slightly dry before adding the dots. You will then need to apply the glitter.
Step 4
Once you have followed through with all the steps add a top coat clean your nails/skin with the cotten bud and nail varnish remover and there you have it!

This look is great for a night out or day to day wear! I'm wearing this style right now and have had great feedback....let me know if you try this style using my steps :)


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