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Monday, 19 June 2017

Visiting Mykonos, Greece // Zeena Xena

Visiting Mykonos, Greece // Zeena Xena
Monday, 19 June 2017
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Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted on my blog I know, and if you follow me on social media I'm sure you know the reason why. It's been a month since my last post but I'm sure you can appreciate why it has taken me so long. I have so many blog posts pending that I'm just itching to get on the blog and I promise I will very very soon.

I visited Greece, Mykonos last month and I must say I had the most wonderful time. If I'm honest, I have never seen a town so beautiful and clean... Like incredibly clean. I just want to be back already!

We stayed at the Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel which was only a 10 minute ride from the airport (how convenient?). The staff had arranged for our transfers to and from the airport with a lovely driver who was easy to find. Once we entered the hotel, we were welcomed by the loveliest staff who spoke really good English (always a plus when you're travelling somewhere new).

Zeena Xena Reviews Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel in Greece

Mykonos Theoexenia is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Mykonos offering a number of facilities. You will find everything you'd expect at this hotel with more of a intimate feel as it is a boutique hotel. As mentioned above, staff are lovely, polite, coordinated and will cater to your every need. The hotel is in the most idyllic location with the famous windmills across the road from the complex, a beautiful sea view (Little Venice) and the town being a short walking distance away.



In our room we had a large double bed & a single sofa bed to fit three people. From what I remember, the bed was super comfortable and the pillows being extra fluffy... We had the best nights sleep aha. The room was complete with a beauty table + drawers, sliding wardrobe, TV, fridge, other storage and a relaxing chair. My favourite aspect of the room was the balcony area, a nice place to just chill when you wake up and just before heading to bed. 

Each day we indulged in a fresh breakfast which was included with our stay. I looked forward to breakfast each morning as we'd sit outside dining with the amazing sea view in the background.

On the day we arrived we also had some light lunch by the pool. As we'd been travelling since around 4 am, I was starving so wanted something a bit heavy (all the carbs). I went for mozzerella. tomatoes, pesto and balsamic vinegar on a baguette which wasn't on the menu, however, the chef was more than happy to prepare this.

Hotel Grounds...

During our stay at the hotel we had the chef prepare us dinner. From my knowledge, I had mushrooms with breaded fish (can't remember which fish this was sorry), in a vinaigrette sauce with mashed potatoes. Usually I wouldn't go near a mushroom but these were cooked to absolute perfection. Overall, the meal was lovely in a great location overlooking the sea and sunset, we even had the chef come out to greet us which was lovely of him!

The sunset during and after dinner...

As I'd just come back from Turkey two days prior to this trip, I wanted this trip to be more relaxed as my other was just so fast paced. We decided to just take each day in it's stride, relax, stroll and explore which was good with me. Here's a little photo diary...

D'angelo Restaurant... 
How typical of me to want Italian food in Greece right? To be fair, I wasn't excited by food choices in Greece but this restaurant's food was so good we dined there twice! If this restaurant was in London, I'd be dining here on a monthly basis. You can make a reservation at D'angelo's by calling here... 

Mozerella x Tomatoes on seeded bread
Arrabiata Pasta x Shrimp 
Pizza of course...🕺

I booked my flights with Easy Jet costing me approx £130 via Skyscanner. I always go on about this company to you guys as I book my flights with them all the time. In terms of hotels, as we approach the more Summer months, hotels can be considerably higher in price. I'd suggest looking into air bnb's as other alternatives or even packaged holidays. 

A photo diary of me...

Top - Alero Jasmine
Jeans - Miss Pap
Shoes - Ego
Top - Alero Jasmine
Skirt - Primark

Dress - H&M

I enjoyed my Trip to Mykonos so much, I honestly would drop everything to just go again. The streets are so beautiful/clean and generally people are really friendly out there. If you're yet to make travel plans go to Mykonos! 
Many thanks to Theoxenia Hotel for our complimentary stay, we are forever grateful!

Monday, 15 May 2017

#DiscoverMugla // 5 Turkish Cities In 5 Days - Zeena Xena

#DiscoverMugla // 5 Turkish Cities In 5 Days - Zeena Xena
Monday, 15 May 2017
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If you've been stalking me on social media lately, you would have seen that I've just just come back from an amazing press trip to Turkey with Pr Box. Myself and 15 other press were invited to #DiscoverMugla which is a southwestern province in Turkey. We were challenged to visit 5 different cities in just 5 days, our days being jam-packed full of activities and new hotels each day.

Before heading off to Turkey we made our way to Stansted airport a day before our flight departed and stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel near to the airport. This was a nice little touch as we didn't have to worry about rushing around prior to our journey.

Review: The hotel itself is huge with 500 rooms to accommodate hopeful travellers and those of you that just love taking trips to airports haha. Rooms are really spacious and have a nice ambience with music playing in the background and coloured lights that create a soothing feel. After waking up from a relaxing sleep, we all met each other at breakfast (which may I add was delicious). Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Radisson Blu and think I'll be back when I fly away next.

I'm hoping this post will act as an itinerary for those of you who are planning a trip to Turkey, and some sort of reassurance that Turkey is a great and safe place to visit despite what we see in the news.

Day 1 - Fethiye
On the 5th of May we arrived at Dalaman airport and met with our tour guide (Mehmet) and a few other influencers who joined us on our trip. From the airport we travelled about 1.5 hours to our hotel Orka Sun Life Hotel. My reviews on these hotels will be very short mind you as we checked into a new one each day. This didn't allow for us to enjoy all the facilities, however, each hotel was unique and made our trip even more enjoyable.

Outfit // Primark
Review: We checked in at the Orka Sun Life Hotel which again is a really big hotel with the most beautiful views. This hotel is family friendly offering;

* Pool slides for kids + adults
* Entertainment
* Sports activities inc morning workouts (yoga on the grass) and a basketball court!

My room was the Deluxe Suite (you can view it here), which looked more like an apartment with a hugeeee bath tub! We checked out in the morning and went on with our day.

First stop Oludeniz, one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean, unfortunately for us we didn't get to tan but we did get to see a popular spot for paragliding in Babadag Mountain.

Can you spot the para-gliders in the back? 
Whilst watching the para-gliders, we had some lunch at a local spot and generally got to know one another a bit better whilst doing so. Next we visited the regions "Ghost Town", Fethiye Centrum where we browsed the best "Genuine fakes" (aka designer knockoffs) LOL & ended our day exploring at Dalaman's Thermal Waters.

Thermal Waters
Day 2 - Dalyan
Let me first start off by saying that Dalyan has to be one of my favourite towns I've visited here in Turkey. I posted this photo on instagram and my followers literally thought I was in Vietnam/Thailand. We checked into Dalyan Resort Hotel which in comparison to the other resorts/hotels, had more of a boutique feel, where staff can better accommodate you.

After using the hotel as grounds for multiple photoshoots (as bloggers do), we set on a boat trip passing by and visiting the following:

* Lycian Tombs
* Turtle Beach
* Marmaris Castle

Outfit // Top - Miss Pap 
Trousers - PrettyLittleThing

Turtle Beach

Day 3 - Marmaris
You're pretty familiar with this one right? Marmaris is a popular tourist destination for us brits due to it's beautiful blue beaches and nightlife.

We checked into the Green Nature Diamond Hotel which was literally the biggest hotel I've ever seen. Seriously, felt like I was in a shopping mall instead of a hotel haha. Overall, rooms were really pleasant and clean. Unfortunately I didn't get to use the facilities however, I was told by fellow blogger Laila Loves that the nail salon was really good who managed to fix her broken nail!

On the morning of our stay we headed down to Marmaris Bazaar, a fish/fruit & veg market which we quickly took a stroll through. If you know me, you'd know that whilst on holiday my favourite thing to do is to explore markets of any kind. I literally love the idea of looking, purchasing and taking photos of anything in a market. At the bazaar, you'll find some of the freshest fruits/veg, seasonings, flowers and more at really good prices.

Marmaris Bazaar

Outfit // PrettyLittleThing

Destination - Girlsand Beach
Bikini - Primark
Sarong - H&M
Day 4 - Mugla

Day 4 of our trip was amazing! We visited Mayor Osman Gürün who represents the municipality of Mugla to discuss; the current image of Turkey as presented to us here by the news and press in the UK and the importance of social media in changing views/perceptions to better promote Turkey.

"The use of social media in the world and in Turkey is extraordinary, and the sharing and interpretation of the people, not the initiatives of the institutions, is the determining factor for the promotion of the countries and tourism." - Mayor Osman Gürün 

For me personally, meeting the Mayor and discussing how we as influencers could help the promotion of Mugla/Turkey in general was the highlight of my trip. @prboxpr chose a diverse set of bloggers from all over the world (based in the UK) to promote tourism in Turkey which is beyond important. Many of us have followers based all over the world not just in the UK so to be able to reach an audience of 30 million combined globally, is promising for Turkish Tourism Officials.

Mugla Museum

Logina Temple 
Other sites on Day 4:

* Mugla Museum
* Logina Temple
* Mugla Old Town
* We stayed at Demircoglu Park Hotel

Day 5 - Bodrum
Jumpsuit - Bershka
Bag - Zara 
Sunglasses - LAMODA 
The last day of our trip was spent in the most magnificent hotel I've ever stayed in. Think Bora Bora but in Turkey, a resort that you'll never think about leaving because everything you need is on site. I present to you Rixos Premium Bodrum I repeat, the best hotel I've ever stayed in! 

From fantastic rooms with beautiful views, many facilities, entertainment to keep you going (inc ent for kids/consoles), and a fusion of world cuisines, Rixos is definitely a place for those who want everything in one place. The lovely Marketing Manager (Ayça) took us on a tour around the hotel, booked dinner for us at Rixo's La Roseta Italian restaurant and even booked our group shisha. On the morning of our departure, we set off to the resorts Island like area which has huts in the sea with ladders. As mentioned earlier very Bora Bora like and everything you'd want in a dream hotel, I just had to get some shots here...

Close by to the hotel, you can experience Bodrum's local culture and history by visiting Bodrum Marina & Castle. At Bodrum Marina you'll find some great stalls for souvenirs and ice cream/slushie pit stops mmm.

As we departed from Rixos, we met the lovely founders of Karya Bags & Sandals who hand-make everything you see on their instagram page. I was gifted a lovely orange felt clutch which I'll definitely be wearing and featuring soon.

A special thanks to...

Pr Box for organising such a wonderful press trip! As well as a lovely experience, I met some people that I'm sure I'll stay in touch with.

* Our tour guide/tourism board (Mehmet)

* Husam an amazing photographer that helped me take so many beautiful photos!

& last but not least, Sprayground for gifting each one of us a backpack which really came in handy. Honestly guys, this saved me at the airport & on my journeys in turkey. This bag features a number of compartments including hidden ones to store things such as your phone etc, thanks again Sprayground!

As always, thanks for reading and see you in my next post!