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Monday, 9 October 2017

My Autumn Fashion & Beauty Staples - Zeena Xena

My Autumn Fashion & Beauty Staples - Zeena Xena
Monday, 9 October 2017
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Jacket - H&M 
Dress - Windsor Store
Boots - LAMODA 

That time of year has come around again hasn't it? Breezy mornings, fallen leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and all the autumnal fashions you could possibly think of. I haven't done a post like this in a VERY long time, but I thought it would be great of me to share some of my favourite beauty/fashion pieces with you guys. Hopefully from this post, you'll be able to build your own Autumn wardrobe using the same tones, textures and maybe even pieces. I've also included four beauty favourites that I'm loving at the moment as well. You can SHOP all items in bold...

Coats & Jackets...

Coat by NA-KD
Jacket by Pretty Little Thing

Coat by H&M
Coat by Urban Outfitters
For some reason as soon as Autumn hits you'll find my wardrobe full of khaki, camel and camo. I just think these colours/tones look so good with everything. I own (from left to right) the three pieces with the first coat from NA-KD being my fav! This teddy coat features a collar and belted tie that clench in the waist... It's SO warm and will deffo be my go to this Autumn. The puffer jackets are great too, I love these especially because I can dress them up or down when in a hurry. 


Dress by Forever 21

Dress by Pretty Little Thing
Dress by Adidas
Dress by H&M
From day to night this season's dresses is all about being comfortable. If I'm wearing a risky number, I'm making sure its either warm or long to keep me going through the night. As for daytime dresses, I'm really into "oversized" sweater dresses at the minute because they're just super easy to style (basically no styling) and practical. 


Trousers by Bershka
Trousers by Topshop
Trousers by Stradivarius
Trousers by Topshop


Boots by Ego

Trainers by Nike

Boots by JustFab
£35 (only £8.75 if it's your first time ordering)
Boots by Aldo


Bag by Louis Vuitton 
(Longer straps can be purchased here)
Bag by Accessorize

Bag by Gucci
Bag by Mango
Bag by Zara
Okay so you guys must know that I'm OBSESSED with mini bags at the moment. They're so cute, handy and don't take up too much space especially on a night out. All of these bags are currently on my want list except from the Louis Vuitton pochette as I've just recently purchased it. It's SUPER tiny though just in case you're thinking of purchasing, most suited for a night out or to place inside other LV bags. The bag by Mango has to be my next purchase although it isn't a mini bag, it looks very sturdy and like a great size for daily wear. 


Perfume by DKNY
Nail Polish by Nails Inc

Decleor Intense Glow Awakening Cream

Face Inc Mask for Dull Skin
Onto beauty... I guess if you follow me on instagram you'll know that I'm crazy about beauty/skincare so I'll just go through some things that I've been loving lately. 

1. DKNY Nectar Love - Is the perfect scent for Autumn with a zesty/floral type smell. This is my go-to scent at the minute & every time I wear it, I get so many compliments! 

2. Nail Inc's Caffeine Hit Collection - If you've seen me do hauls over on instagram you've probably seen my nails featuring looking F-L-Y thanks to Nails Inc's beautiful polishes. Their new collection infused with Caffeine to help stimulate regeneration, for more healthy, strong nails! 

3. Decleor Aurabsolu Intense Glow Awakening Cream - AKA my favourite cream to use during the Autumn. It's light but super moisturising... Great for this time of year as my skin gets so dry. 

4. Face inc by Nails inc Unicorn Mask - I love using this mask on a Sunday after a long week. It just makes me look like I've come out of a serious spa treatment and awakens the skin. 

So there you have it, a post full of my Autumn staples. Let me know what piece is your favourite and if you've tried any of my beauty favourites. 

Until next time xx

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Negative Impacts of Social Media & How To Overcome Them - Zeena Xena

The Negative Impacts of Social Media & How To Overcome Them - Zeena Xena
Wednesday, 13 September 2017
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"Having your priorities straight, focusing on you, your work, those that make you happy...Praying, doing good, thanking God... These are the things that are important in life. Don't get lost in social media's of living." - Zeena Xena 

I posted this quote on social media not too long ago and it seemed many of you could relate. I really wanted to write this post to highlight the negative impacts social media can have on us. I often speak about the positives however, think it's very important to be transparent with you guys and highlight the negatives too. Here we go...

Comparing Yourself To Others 
We've all been there before. You're scrolling through instagram, head to the explore page and see all these individuals with the most amazing feeds. You might start to ask yourself: How do they live such great lifestyles? His/Her body is perfect, why isn't mine? How comes they look good in every single photo and I don't?... Gurllll, you literally have to take a step back and sometimes reevaluate the thoughts you're having. First of all, the beauty of life is that we're all made to be our individual selves, we may hold the similar views and values but we're all different. Secondly, social media isn't always as it seems. You have to remember that for some people, outlets such as instagram are jobs. Just like in your day to day job that could be in an office for example, you'll want to strive for "perfection" in the tasks you are set to do to prove to your boss/company that you are worthy of your job. Well it's the same with us influencers we keep our audience entertained with things we like to post and things you guys want to see.

My friends are always messaging me asking 'If I'm in the country' since my feed always looks like I'm abroad haha. The truth is, I've probably been back from travelling weeks ago & you can find me somewhere in-between consulting my clients or cleaning cat poop from Zorro *rolls eyes* haha. My point is, yes some people do live these fantastic lifestyles and others show you what they want for branding reasons. Either way, we cannot compare ourselves to those who filter their lives and only show us the positives. Have you ever considered the amount of prepping that goes into some ig posts? I.e. the makeup, editing etc...“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” - Steve Furtick 

Lastly, each of our journeys are different and we all go through highs and lows. Find comfort in your own journey, work hard, pray and make changes where possible. 

Lack of Confidence & Not Being Yourself 
This point definitely ties in with the above and it's so sad to think that social media can have us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. There's been a few times where because of what I see others project (success, beauty, body confidence etc) it can sometimes have me feeling negative. At one point last year, I wanted to do what every single blogger was doing. The traditional "stand in front of a rich person's house/nicely painted front door/clean streets" photo because clearly, I thought it made great content & thought I was cool. Nothing wrong with these kind of photos of course, but I was just doing something I'd seen work for others so tried to grasp on the trend. Little did I know, people liked me for me. Colourful surroundings, matchy matchy outfits, my holidays/ventures, beauty posts you name it. The transition into more travel focused yet fashion/beauty influenced posts has really made me feel like me again. I don't feel like I'm trying to do what others are doing, just to land a few brand collabs or be accepted. Just by being me, I've built my confidence back up and have grown so much more as a influencer!

Being a Perfectionist 
Ugh I hate this one so much. I'm such a perfectionist to the point where I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a long time (I think I started writing this about a month ago). I definitely think social media has had a role to play in me striving for perfection. This can often lead to me stalling on content because I don't think it's good enough or I compare my work to others. There's nothing wrong with wanting to perfect your craft but when it sets you back a bit, you've definitely got to have that "talk" with yourself. When I have setbacks like this I often lose motivation and won't create posts for some time.

How do I overcome this feeling?

I remember the positives; My content helps people from across the country and beyond, I receive so many warming compliments about what I do from you guys, friends & family and lastly, reminding myself that nobody is perfect!

Don't forget to: Take short breaks away from social media regularly and just regulate. Sometimes we can get sucked into things that are glorified on the internet that aren't always positive. Remember that at times, especially when you're going through things, your my mind needs to feed off of positive energy and to feel relaxed - give it this time.

* Disclaimer, I haven't covered all points of social media's negative impacts and have mainly focused on content as this is what is relevant to me. 

You can shop some of my look above (These Nike Air VaporMax trainers are literally my go to kicks at the moment, so bouncy, comfortable and make me feel like superwoman haha!)

* Some items in this post have been gifted
* Photos by Stephanie High

Thursday, 27 July 2017

How I've Been Feeling Lately... - Zeena Xena

How I've Been Feeling Lately... - Zeena Xena
Thursday, 27 July 2017
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I'm sure you all know by now, I like to keep my blog/socials very raw and honest with you guys and to be fair, it's the only way I know how to be. Blogs for some I remember were almost like online journals, where you could jot down feelings and use the platform as an outlet. Letting go of any hurt, anger, frustration or upset. A lot has changed over the years, but every now and again I like to really connect with you guys by letting you know how I feel.

Blogs and instagram pages these days are just way too polished. Aside from the beauty posts, fun events and "OMG LOOL" comments, there's a whole other world that lies beneath... I'm here to let you in on mine. Some of you may have realised that I haven't been posting as much on social media, my blog etc and the reason for this was that my nan had just passed away just days before my 25th.

*Get it together Zaineb* 

It's so hard for me not to cry when writing about her because I believe in this life of mine, she was my actual soulmate. From a young age I always looked forward to visiting my nan each weekend, and even ended up non-intentionally living with her for a year after being sent to hers for a week haha.

Me and my nan were close, real close and to even believe that she is no longer here is just so difficult for me. I always try to put on a brave face but lately I've just been feeling truly hurt and sad. I have some amazing people around me, but nothing can take away the fact that I've lost my soulmate. She was the one that I spoke to on the phone most out of EVERYONE in my phone-book, no one could ever come close to the way I felt and still feel about her. My nan died so suddenly, she didn't deserve to go and she loved life so much it's sad to see it taken from her.

But yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know how I've been feeling. My nan's passing has really affected my work ethic especially in June. I forced myself to work, but I just really wasn't doing a great job at all. I've put Blogging Gals on hold at the minute because I felt like a large proportion of the bloggersphere were depending on something that I'd created. I didn't even have the mental strength to manage a small team let alone a whole community.

To top this off, my birthday was fast approaching... The big 25 I was dreading it. Friends kept on saying I should "celebrate" but we hadn't even have the funeral yet, it didn't feel right and I wasn't happy. My nan is buried now. She had a beautiful send off and I guess this is it really, she's at peace.

I'm in a better place though, after talking to several friends and giving myself a pep talk, I'm truly motivated to make myself and nan proud. I aim to finish this year on a high note (God willing), and really flourish in everything that I'm doing/want to do.

A big thanks to those of you that read my blog and support me on my social medias, I truly appreciate you all. I'll be back with some of my Blogging Tips posts that you guys love.

Top & Trousers - Pretty Little Thing

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P.S. If there's anything you can take from my post please make it be how important family is. Spend as much time with loved ones because you never know when it'll be their last day. 
Friday, 23 June 2017

Colourful Summer Staples - Zeena Xena

Colourful Summer Staples - Zeena Xena
Friday, 23 June 2017
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You guys have seen that lately I've been travelling a lot, and if there's one thing you know about me, it's that I love colour. I'm really not afraid to experiment when it comes to colour and prints and wanted to talk about my favourite Colourful Summer Staples on the blog today.

This post is in collaboration with New Look, one of my favourite/affordable high-street brands! I promise you this look is not Rihanna Wild Thoughts inspired haha, I actually had this outfit planned way before Rihanna's video came out. 😉

Before this Summer, I never ever considered wearing a pair of culottes before if I'm honest. I just didn't feel very feminine or sexy in them so never went out of my way to purchase a pair. Now it's all about comfort as well as style for me especially in the heat, so I now own a few pairs and can happily say I'll be living in culottes throughout the Summer! This pair from New Look are not only comfortable, but look great paired with almost any colour and keep you super cool which in the hot weather. 

I got these New Look Culottes in a size 10. Purchase here

The Off The Shoulder Top
So for me last year it was ALL about the vest top, now it's all ALL about the bardot top. I seriously want bardot tops in every single pattern/colour because they literally look good with everything. I've always loved pink, and love the shade of pink pictured above in particular! 

I got this New Look Bardot top in a size 8 - Purchase here

Shoes - Public Desire
Sunglasses - Quay Australia 

From the above, I'm pretty much sure you can see my obsession with florals right? I love flowers in general and love them even more when printed on clothes. I think flowers and bright colours personally make me feel quite positive and happy... Wearing florals and bright colours is a great way to start the day for sure! 

Did you know New Look have a dedicated section on their website that lists all of their florals? No? Shop all the floral goodness by clicking here

What colours/prints are you loving this Summer? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Until next time xx 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Visiting Mykonos, Greece // Zeena Xena

Visiting Mykonos, Greece // Zeena Xena
Monday, 19 June 2017
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Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted on my blog I know, and if you follow me on social media I'm sure you know the reason why. It's been a month since my last post but I'm sure you can appreciate why it has taken me so long. I have so many blog posts pending that I'm just itching to get on the blog and I promise I will very very soon.

I visited Greece, Mykonos last month and I must say I had the most wonderful time. If I'm honest, I have never seen a town so beautiful and clean... Like incredibly clean. I just want to be back already!

We stayed at the Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel which was only a 10 minute ride from the airport (how convenient?). The staff had arranged for our transfers to and from the airport with a lovely driver who was easy to find. Once we entered the hotel, we were welcomed by the loveliest staff who spoke really good English (always a plus when you're travelling somewhere new).

Zeena Xena Reviews Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel in Greece

Mykonos Theoexenia is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Mykonos offering a number of facilities. You will find everything you'd expect at this hotel with more of a intimate feel as it is a boutique hotel. As mentioned above, staff are lovely, polite, coordinated and will cater to your every need. The hotel is in the most idyllic location with the famous windmills across the road from the complex, a beautiful sea view (Little Venice) and the town being a short walking distance away.



In our room we had a large double bed & a single sofa bed to fit three people. From what I remember, the bed was super comfortable and the pillows being extra fluffy... We had the best nights sleep aha. The room was complete with a beauty table + drawers, sliding wardrobe, TV, fridge, other storage and a relaxing chair. My favourite aspect of the room was the balcony area, a nice place to just chill when you wake up and just before heading to bed. 

Each day we indulged in a fresh breakfast which was included with our stay. I looked forward to breakfast each morning as we'd sit outside dining with the amazing sea view in the background.

On the day we arrived we also had some light lunch by the pool. As we'd been travelling since around 4 am, I was starving so wanted something a bit heavy (all the carbs). I went for mozzerella. tomatoes, pesto and balsamic vinegar on a baguette which wasn't on the menu, however, the chef was more than happy to prepare this.

Hotel Grounds...

During our stay at the hotel we had the chef prepare us dinner. From my knowledge, I had mushrooms with breaded fish (can't remember which fish this was sorry), in a vinaigrette sauce with mashed potatoes. Usually I wouldn't go near a mushroom but these were cooked to absolute perfection. Overall, the meal was lovely in a great location overlooking the sea and sunset, we even had the chef come out to greet us which was lovely of him!

The sunset during and after dinner...

As I'd just come back from Turkey two days prior to this trip, I wanted this trip to be more relaxed as my other was just so fast paced. We decided to just take each day in it's stride, relax, stroll and explore which was good with me. Here's a little photo diary...

D'angelo Restaurant... 
How typical of me to want Italian food in Greece right? To be fair, I wasn't excited by food choices in Greece but this restaurant's food was so good we dined there twice! If this restaurant was in London, I'd be dining here on a monthly basis. You can make a reservation at D'angelo's by calling here... 

Mozerella x Tomatoes on seeded bread
Arrabiata Pasta x Shrimp 
Pizza of course...🕺

I booked my flights with Easy Jet costing me approx £130 via Skyscanner. I always go on about this company to you guys as I book my flights with them all the time. In terms of hotels, as we approach the more Summer months, hotels can be considerably higher in price. I'd suggest looking into air bnb's as other alternatives or even packaged holidays. 

A photo diary of me...

Top - Alero Jasmine
Jeans - Miss Pap
Shoes - Ego
Top - Alero Jasmine
Skirt - Primark

Dress - H&M

I enjoyed my Trip to Mykonos so much, I honestly would drop everything to just go again. The streets are so beautiful/clean and generally people are really friendly out there. If you're yet to make travel plans go to Mykonos! 
Many thanks to Theoxenia Hotel for our complimentary stay, we are forever grateful!